Forty Before Forty

A bucket list of sorts…although I hope that I will be kicking the bucket long…long…long after forty has come and gone. We all have things in life we want to do and so this is my list of forty things I’d like to do before I turn forty. Some of them have already been accomplished…some are in progress…some are yet to be done.

This should be fun – right?

My List: To Be Completed On/Before October 6, 2024

  • Get Married
  • Have at Least One Child
  • Buy/Build a Home
  • Visit London – My family went to London for Christmas in December of 2015 and I have multiple blog posts dedicated to the trip. We saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, my personal favorite the Tower of London, traveled to Stonehenge, Oxford, Bath, Warwick Castle, Windsor Castle and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour…just to name a few. A dream come true, for sure!
  • Fly in an Airplane Piloted by my Little Sister (this may require medication…)
  • See at Least 45 of the 50 States (I’m currently at almost 40)
  • Finish Reading A Song of Ice and Fire series (George R.R. Martin; you better start writing!)
  • Eat in a Restaurant Alone
  • Go to a Baseball Game at Camden Yards – I can’t actually tell you why Camden Yards made the list, I’m not sure… but I went to watch a game played as part of the Battle of the Beltways on July 11, 2015…and my Nationals won that portion of the battle.
  • Complete Writing a Hard Bound Copy of “my” Cook Book
  • See the Cherry Blossoms in DC – This is always such a hit or miss, but I’ve seen the Cherry Blossoms twice now; in April of 2015 and April of 2016. The blooms are often unpredictable and the weather can cause peak bloom dates to fluctuate…but if you catch them, man – talk about a breathtaking experience! (2016 pictured!)
  • Travel to Australia and New Zealand
  • Go to an NFL Game – We went to Fed Ex Field on November 11, 2015 and watched the New Orleans Saints get beat by the Washington Redskins *sigh* …”my” team didn’t fare so well and I honestly wasn’t too impressed with Fed Ex Field, but nonetheless…I can say I’ve been to an NFL game!
  • Visit Scotland (the land of my ancestors)
  • Recreate a Portion of My Senior Trip with one of my Best Friends: Nickolee – We met up for a long weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and spent March 10th – 13th exploring places we’d visited as 18 year olds…and visiting some spots that were new to us. It was a great weekend and while it didn’t necessarily make me feel 18 again, we still had an amazing time!
  • See New England in the Fall
  • Have a Surprise Birthday Thrown for Me – For my 31st birthday, my Mom took me to tea at one of our favorite spots, Coach & Horses Tea Room…and lo and behold – when we arrived, the room was filled with my friends! It was such an awesome surprise and I can’t believe she pulled it off! She’s not great with keeping secrets, ha-ha!
  • Go on a Ghost Hunt
  • Visit Boston
  • Try Out Camping – I was told I’d really enjoy it, but less than 24 hours was all I needed to know that camping is not my thing! It is so lovely to spend time in the mountains, I like cooking by the campfire and I really enjoy taking hikes…but I want my bed to sleep in and a cozy place to sip coffee in the morning! Just saying… I am not a nature girl!
  • See (or attempt to see) the Northern Lights
  • Travel to Africa
  • Spend the Night in a Castle
  • See the Grand Canyon (again – I was almost 2 the last time I was there)
  • Go on a Safari
  • Meet Someone Famous – Forget Hollywood stars, I met Washington Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman in December of 2017 and it was awesome! He was so nice and friendly…and now when I’m watching those games and he smashes a tater, I’ll be able to say “I met him…”Image may contain: 2 people, including Natalie Summerlin, people smiling, people standing
  • Go to the MLB All Star Game (it’s in DC in 2018!)
  • Return to Vandenberg AFB to See Where I Was Born – In May of 2016, we went to California for a week and I was able to return to Vandenberg AFB, the place I was born. I saw the hospital where I was born, drove through the town I spent the first few years of life in and walked on the beach where I used to play. Sadly, the house we lived in is no longer there…but it was an experience all the same!
  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Visit Bletchley Park – Where Alan Turing Built the First “Computer” and Cracked the Enigma Code
  • See the Fireflies in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park
  • Host my Family for a Holiday – I hosted my family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2012; it was my first Thanksgiving and Christmas in my own home and my family made the journey(s) from Virginia and Colorado to celebrate the holidays! Hopefully I’ll get to host again one day in the future!
  • New York City at Christmas – We took the Amtrak into Penn Station in the heart of NYC right after Christmas in 2016 and 2017! The lights, sights and sounds of NYC at Christmas are an experience and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to see them more than once! The pictures from 2017 are below…it was in the single digits in 2017 and the wind was brutal, but everything was still gorgeous!
  • Visit Filming Sites for Game of Thrones (Dubrovnik, Croatia among others…)
  • See the Wild Horses at Assateague Island – We traveled to Ocean City, Maryland in August of 2017 and one day spent the morning at Assateague National Seashore. It took a little searching, but we finally stumbled onto a beach where the ponies were everywhere – such an amazing thing to get to see!
  • Have 50,000 Page Views on THIS Blog (I’m currently at…)
  • Write Something and Have It Published
  • Ride the London Eye
  • Have a Siberian Husky (or Alaskan Husky)
  • Hike to the Top of Signal Knb

And that’s the list for now… perhaps I’ll add more to it one day, make it 50 before 50? I think for now I’ll just concentrate on my 40!