Five on Friday

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A four day work week always seems longer than a five day work week. I realize that makes absolutely 0 sense – but that’s how my short weeks always seem to play out. So here are five things…on the final day of this four day work week…

fof 5

One. Loft Sale – So Loft is having a sale; all the sale items are an additional 50%! You better believe I took advantage of that sale and purchased two awesome sweaters – both originally almost $50 each – and with tax, shipping and everything, both sweaters were less than than $50! I call that a deal! Go check out the sale for yourself – I love so many things at Loft; I always find something I need!

Two. Ma-ka-rohn – Have you guys heard of this place? I absolutely love macarons and stumbled on this place via it’s Instagram account. I originally ordered a Game of Thrones themed set of macarons and they were divine; so much so that when discussing Valentine’s gift, I asked for macarons! I mentioned the site over and over and lo and behold – I got a variety box for love day! I may or may not have ordered a few more for myself and they arrived today – so I’m going to have some delicious goodies this evening!


Three. Mani-Pedi Sale – Perfectly Posh is having a sale on all the perfect tools for manicures and pedicures; but it’s for a limited time only! You can stock up on hand cremes, self-tanner, body polish and foot scrubs for a reduced price…and you can also get one of my favorites; Show and Gel Water to Gel Moisturizer! The lemongrass scent is to die for and the gel to water glides on smooth and lightweight – it’s one of my favorites! Check it out at


Four. Lunch Date(s) – I met my Mom and my friend Jen and her three girls for lunch yesterday at Chick Fil A. The eldest was out of school because teachers in West Virginia were doing a walk-out in protest of low wages…and the other two are three and under. I tried my hardest to get Evie to smile but she wasn’t impressed…and Amelia was only concerned with her ice cream, ha-ha! At least the food was delicious – although I had a definite sugar crash after slurping down a milkshake!


Five. Doing Nothing – Which is whats on the agenda for this weekend! I literally have 0 plans for the weekend and I’m feeling perfectly fine about that. I will be going out to eat tonight and I’m sure other things will pop up as the weekend unfolds; I usually don’t struggle to find things to do. I have “big” plans to finish reading the book I’m currently on and likely starting another one…but that’s about it. Also; it’s supposed to rain all weekend, so I’ll definitely be staying indoors!

Image result for doing nothing

That’s all I’ve got for this Friday. I can’t wait for the weekend to start – so I can start doing a whole lot of nothing!

Watson Wednesday

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The weather over the weekend (well; Sunday at least…) was pretty glorious and the past two days have been unseasonably warm – the high today is supposed to reach 80! My precious pup has been taking it all in and this morning, he was all set to relax in the sunshine all day long…

Unfortunately our fence has a bit of a gap in one corner; a gap that I think could allow a certain small dog to escape and run free through the wilderness, which he’d thoroughly enjoy. It would hearken back to his days in Mississippi, running free through the trees and grass and he would lap up every second. Alas – I had to make him come inside.

The look he gave me will haunt me for the rest of the day. A look so filled with disappointment… *sigh* However, because dogs are the most precious gift to the universe, something tells me when I get home today he’ll have completely forgotten that I made him come inside and he’ll still greet me, tail wagging! Dogs are the best!

Long Weekend-ing

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Well – it’s not Monday y’all – it’s Tuesday because the past weekend was a long weekend! Can I get all the hallelujahs for that? Although sometimes that makes a Tuesday feel like a Monday, but so far today has been lovely and not at all like a Monday!

The weather is unseasonably warm; the high today is 76 and the high for tomorrow is 80, which means the only thing I really want to do is being lounging on my deck reading a good book. Alas – duty calls and I have to be a functioning member of society and contribute, ha-ha! But back to the weekend…

Black Panther came out this weekend and my friend Jennie, her son Jimmy and I went to see the 6:15 showing on Friday night. Happily I got off work early on Friday and was able to spend some time relaxing at home before heading to the theater – it was so nice. The movie really was excellent and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would; I’d highly recommend it, and you don’t have to have seen the other Marvel movies to enjoy this film. I was far too tickled by the tweet that I posted above – it made me giggle, so I couldn’t resist sharing.

After coming home on Friday night, I finished up The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon – has anyone else watched that? Thoughts? I did a little reading before going to sleep and looking very forward to sleeping in on Saturday!

Saturday dawned oh so bright – which as I mentioned in my post from Sunday, was not at all a harbinger of the weather to come. I did a little reading from my very cozy spot in my bed and Watson served as a wonderful foot warmer, basking in the sunshine. I had my beloved coffee and began going about my Saturday business.

I made a quick Target run and while I didn’t get anything too crazy, I did happen to stumble on the perfect ottoman to go with the chair in my bedroom and so I couldn’t pass that up! I made the Target run in jeans, a long sleeve tee and my lightweight jacket and I honestly figured that the whole chance of snow; especially 3+ inches, was just another weather report gone wrong…

I dedicated an entire post on Sunday to how wrong I was about the weather. It started snowing around 2:00 on Saturday afternoon and heavy, wet snow fell for the next six hours. It was enough to cover everything in a perfect blanket of white and make everything look positively enchanting…

Watson spent a good portion of his Saturday being lazy and begging for anything I ate when meal time came around – that dog has perfected the art of begging; he’s got the look down pat. And when a look won’t work, he even incorporates some mournful cries…

Once the snow tapered off around 8:30, I took Watson out on a walk. Earlier in the day when the thick snowfall was coming down he’d had no interest in being outside and traipsing through the snow…but our evening walk was a different matter entirely. He bounded through the drifts and buried his nose deep into the snow to seek out whatever might be buried under all the white.

Sunday morning again dawned bright – the sun was out in full force on Sunday morning and of course, all the bright white from Saturday evening began to melt in force. I snapped some pictures of funny formations on a grate outside my living room window and managed to capture a drop of the melting snow as it made it’s downward drop toward the ground…



I also couldn’t resist taking video of the sounds of the snow melt – our backyard sounded like the deck had been positioned on the edge of a river, the water rushing along as the snow melted. Watson was eager to be outside but when he ventured onto the deck and heard the rushing water, he thought twice and made his way back inside…at least for a little while.

Around noon, Watson and I took a ride to the newly opened Burger King to grab some lunch. Watson thoroughly enjoys all rides in the car and he especially enjoyed the ride after it was scented like a delicious cheeseburger, ha-ha! To his credit, he only once tried to poke his little nose into the bag and sniff out what was in the bag… once we got home, he definitely parked himself at my feet and begged/waited patiently for bites of my food. We watched a season one episode of Home Town while having lunch and then it was back to business.

By 2:00 on Sunday afternoon, all signs that there had ever been any snow were almost completely gone. I took a break from my Sunday afternoon spent with my head buried in a book, laced up my sneaker and took Watson on a long jaunt through the neighborhood. It was so warm out that halfway through the walk I ended up undoing my jacket to let the breeze cool me off. It almost defied belief to think that exactly 24 hours before the snow had begun and covered everything in a layer of white…and now we were marching along on dry ground under blue skies.

Watson spent a large chunk of his Sunday afternoon lying in the sunshine on the back deck and at one point came to the door, tapped with his paw and then when I opened the door, he sat and waited expectantly for me to come outside. I suppose he wanted some company and so I took some time out and went to sit in the sunshine on the back deck with him. It was almost warm enough that I didn’t need my jacket but it was nice to have as I leaned against the railing and soaked up the sun.


I passed the rest of Sunday evening eating some leftovers alongside a half of a sandwich brought to me from Macado’s (seriously delicious sandwich place), watching the Olympics and watching Victoria. I read before finally falling asleep – and it was such a nice thing to know I didn’t have to wake up early on Monday!

I slept in on Monday and had my coffee and breakfast with my Mom before getting ready for the day. I finally made myself get back to exercising (in the two weeks since my grandmother passed away, I’ve really been a slacker) and hopped on the elliptical for thirty minutes before getting ready to head to Tyson’s.

My Mom and I spent the afternoon at Tyson’s Corner Center – a huge mall about an hour from our home in NoVa. We had a delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory and split a decadent piece of cheesecake – because we are firm believers that one cannot simply eat at Cheesecake Factory and not get cheesecake! We spent a few hours shopping and running errands before heading home – I got a really cute red dress on sale at Lou & Grey (do y’all know Lou & Grey, it’s the best) and a cold shoulder sweater from Loft – gotta love those President’s Day sales!

The weather on Monday was misty and dismal and I wish I’d have taken the time to snap a picture of all the buildings in McLean disappearing into the fog on Monday evening…but alas, I did not.

I had some delicious leftover lasagna and watched an episode of Home Town with my Momma before taking some headache meds (boo to a persistent headache that hung around as a dull ache all day long…) and hitting the sack! Thank goodness for long weekends, we all need them from time to time and I thoroughly enjoyed mine!

And So… It Snowed

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Saturday morning dawned bright – the sun shone and the sky was a perfect blue. There was a breeze on the air but not a cold breeze. I made a Target run in jeans, a t-shirt and my Columbia windbreaker; it certainly didn’t feel arctic outside and the sunshine just added to the feeling that there was no way snow was coming.

I came home and had lunch – and as the afternoon got under way, clouds rolled in, the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped. Around 2:00 I happened to look outside and see the smallest little flakes falling from the sky… I assumed it would just do a little light snowing and then pass on by, but within minutes, the snowflakes became thick, wet and heavy…

2:15…then 3:15…then 4:15…then 5:15…

The snow continued to fall in a thick curtain for several hours. Around 4:30 I took Watson outside and he was having none of it. Sometimes he loves the snow and sometimes he would just rather not, ha-ha!

The sun set and the snow kept falling and before very long, everything was covered in a thick blanket of white…


The temperature definitely dropped – my walks around the neighborhood in the falling snow were brief; the snow was wet and heavy and stuck to everything. I snapped pictures and hopped my way back inside. And I snapped so many pictures because I do wonder if this will be the only snowfall I’ll see this Winter…

I borrowed a few pictures from a community Facebook page of the lake all bedecked in snow, the trees mantled in white and weighted down with decoration. Snow makes everything…quiet. Everything is blanketed in the pure white, undisturbed and at peace.

Later in the evening, around 8:00…as the snow was still gently falling I took Watson out one more time. This time he was in love with the snow, bounding in and out of the drifts, sniffing for things buried under the mantle of white and enjoying every minute. When we finally came inside, he was wild – jubilant with his little adventure in the white wild outside.

So – after all that wondering – the snow did come. However; I should mention that as I write this the sun is shining, the temperature outside is hovering at 50 and all signs of the world of white from Saturday afternoon are…well…gone.

But hey – it was certainly lovely while it lasted!


Five on Friday

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This week has seemed long y’all – I’m not entirely sure why – but it has! I’m glad to see the weekend on the horizon; and whats more, its a three day weekend! All the praise hand emojis!

It’s raining here in my little corner of Northern Virginia and I’m hoping our boss will be nice enough to let us end this slow week a little early. Fingers crossed and on to the Five!

fof 5

One. Black Panther – The Marvel movie tradition continues; I’m joining my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy for the newest installment in the franchise, tonight! Jennie grabbed our tickets over a month ago and I can’t wait to have some delicious food while watching what I’ve heard is an excellent movie… I make Jimmy take a picture with me at every Marvel movie we see together; the older he gets, the less he’s interested – but maybe one day he’ll appreciate my fondness for capturing the moment?


Guardians of the Galaxy Two – way back in the Spring of last year – whoosh!

Two. Snow – All the rain that is pouring from the sky right now is supposed to be bringing a big old cold front…and snow! All the weather outlets are forecasting a Saturday that includes 1-3 inches of snow accumulating throughout the day. Only time will tell if that actually happens, but if it does – it will be the most snow I’ve seen this winter – so far. Perhaps on Sunday I’ll have some snow shots to share? Who knows…

Image result for snow

Obviously snow here in VA has nothing to do with snow in the UK – but this picture was too beautiful not to post. This picture makes me want to go back to London ASAP…but perhaps in the Spring?

Three. Erin Napier’s Journal – I stumbled on to Erin’s journal on the Laurel Mercantile website and I’ve fallen into a hole, re-reading all the posts she has done in her journal. There’s really no way to catch up on the 2,000+ journal posts but I’ve been looking at them here and there and I’ve decided Erin and I could be best friends…this is mostly based on the fact that she saw Titanic in the movie theater 12 times (I saw it 13). It’s also fun to read because she references so many places I know from growing up in Mississippi: the truck stop in Meridian, Zack Garvin’s in Newton, Landrum’s Homestead and Village…the list goes on and on!

Image result for home town

Do y’all watch Home Town? Do you love it as much as I do?

Four. Studying – The other thing I’ll be doing this weekend besides hoping for/watching it snow (which isn’t really doing much…huh?) is studying! I’m taking a real estate certification test on Monday and I’ve got to hit the books to prepare! Eek! I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what to expect from the test; obviously more of what was on the test(s) back in October at the end of my class, but in a different way – does that make sense?

Related image

I’m not sure where I can get my copy of that book – but I’d take it! I’m no dummy and I can re-take the test every day if I want until October 31st – but the goal is to knock it out of the park on Monday and move on in the journey! Wish me luck!

Five. A Watson Picture – I know it’s not Wednesday, but this face was too cute not to share! The weather yesterday was unseasonably warm and so after dinner, we spent some time on the deck as the sun set. I’m so looking forward to Spring and spending time outdoors again – and I know my little fella feels the same way!

February 15

It was almost 75 yesterday and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow – so I guess you just never know, huh? All that to say, if you need me this weekend…I’ll be studying and watching it snow!

Watson Wednesday

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A few scenes from our travels last week/weekend to Mississippi. Watson is honestly the best traveler and even when just thrown into the car at the last minute to take on a 13 hour road trip – he just rolls with it. He handles hotel rooms like a champ and loves seeing all his favorite people (mostly his Lindsey) when we arrive. My pup is such a winner!

Just Today

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Today – as with most Mondays – has seemed both hectic and long. There was always something to do and somehow not enough time to do it all in…but too much time being taken for the work day to pass. Mondays tend to be that way, don’t they?

This Monday was much easier than the last; the first Monday of February in 2018 will always have that mark on it, the stain of sadness and finality that can’t ever be undone. The first Monday of February in 2018 will also be tinged with some of the more harsh realizations of growing up…but that’s a topic for another post, I suppose.

The past weekend was calm and easy – Friday morning arrived with a fire in the sky that looked like something not quite of this world. The work day passed well enough and Friday night was spent doing a little of this and that – having grilled chicken and a baked potato (a white potato at that; not a sweet potato, now that I’m free of the rigors of the 30 day diet…) for dinner, with a delicious salad! Organizing some aspects of my little home and cleaning up. Watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and taking short walks with my dog…

Saturday morning dawned…not so bright and definitely not early. I slept in until almost 9:00, which is the latest I’ve slept in what’s likely the past six months. I was shocked when I looked over at my phone to see it read 8:54 – who was this layabout that was still in bed at almost 9:00?? I’m not sure – but it was pretty wonderful, ha-ha!

It rained pretty much the entire day, which meant is was perfect for doing home improvement projects. However, that first required running a few little errands around town – my Mom joined me and we popped into Target, Lantz’s Pharmacy (a local shop that has the most excellent finds), Hobby Lobby and Home Goods before grabbing Chipotle for a late lunch. I spend the afternoon painting another wall of my bedroom, putting new drawer pulls on some “upcycled” side tables and getting my bathroom put together.

I promise the wall isn’t quite as…bright…as it looks. I suppose it just photographs odd?

I passed my evening with leftover chili (that I shared with my pup – of course), an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and even more Olympic coverage…and then Sunday was upon us.

My Mom and I popped in to church for a sermon on marriage (taking notes…I suppose…) and had lunch together at Chili’s. Since we’d literally only been in Home Goods for three minutes on Saturday and that wasn’t possibly enough time to see everything, we went back and did a more thorough visit. Purchases were made – of course.

After a little afternoon reading and relaxing, I went to see Peter Rabbit – because who doesn’t love a movie about a talking rabbit in a wee blue jacket battling it out against an uptight city boy for control of the garden? Apparently the parents of children with allergies – but I thought the movie was hilarious, cute and perfect for kids. It managed to be entertaining without slipping in nasty little nods to the adults on the sly – that’s a win, right?

Sunday night the sky was also on fire again – hence all the sunset pictures. I captured a few as I walked around the neighborhood with my pup, during a break in the rain that hung over the area for most of the weekend. After a delicious dinner of roast, potatoes and carrots with corn, my family and I caught up on Victoria, watched Olympic figure skating and decided we didn’t understand scoring at all (how did Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu not both get first place points?!?) and brought the weekend to a close.

Not a dramatic weekend – to be sure. But then again; I think the first weekend in February brought with it enough drama to last for a while.