Five on Friday

Well – it’s finally Friday! This week has been good but it has seemed long! Work has been hectic and even though the weeknights seemed to speed by, the week itself seemed to drag on! Thankfully I survived to Friday and now the weekend lies ahead of me – yahoo!

Flora Boom

One. Last Day at 33 – Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and I honestly cannot believe it’s gotten here this quickly! 33 has been a more difficult year than I thought it would be and while I have so many happy memories from this past year that I will cherish forever, I am also excited to see what 34 holds for me!

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Two. A Star is Born – Is anyone else so very excited to see this movie? I know…I know…this is a remake of a movie from the 30’s and this is also the third time it’s been remade but it will be the first time I’ve seen any version of it and I can’t wait. I did the pre-order of the the soundtrack and I’ve been listening to it all day (it downloaded to my phone this morning) – all I can say is “who knew Bradley Cooper could sing?!?”

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I know Lady Gaga can sing and I’ve seen her act – American Horror Story:Hotel anyone? She was fabulous in that…and this looks like a dramatically different part for her, so I can’t wait to check it out! I’m going with two of my girlfriends on Saturday (my birthday!) and I’m sure I’ll be keeping the soundtrack in rotation after I see the movie!

Three. Perfectly Posh Snow Biz Launch – The Winter product launch happened earlier this week and there are so many wonderful new pampering goodies to indulge in! One of my favorite products is Honey, Honey – an amazingly thick and rich body cream that helps with even the worst dry skin! I grabbed two bottles of it so I’d have one in reserve!

There are also three new Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes, two new Chunks (that’s soap y’all), two eye shadows, two lip stains, a bath bomb trio, body polish, body cream, a healing skin stick, a foot mask and a peel off face mask! Whoosh! So many awesome new things to check out at

Four. Other Asheville Things – I had a few more pictures from our past weekend that didn’t quite fit in with my other posts and so I decided I’d drop them here! We had such a wonderful time exploring the Biltmore on Saturday and we found the best little macaron shop on Saturday evening (my Mom found it beforehand…ha-ha!) and to my extreme excitement, they were all on sale for $1 a piece!

We had brunch on Sunday morning at Deerpark Restaurant; the surroundings were almost magical – the twinkling lights and the wood beams reminded me of something from an Elven kingdom in Lord of the Rings! #nerdalert The outside of the restaurant had massive lanterns that once adorned the Vanderbilt mansion on 5th Avenue in New York City; the mansion took up a whole city block!

Five. Perfect Panorama – I’ll leave you with this gorgeous panorama I took of a storm rolling over the mountains on last Saturday evening – I think it just looks beautiful!



I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll pop back in sooner or later, ha-ha!

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