September Sights & Sounds

Wouldn’t you know – the longer you look at the word September, the odder it looks! I was poking around the internet to find a September banner and I just thought that it looked so weird, ha-ha!

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Books I Read

The Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon – The fourth book in the Outlander series; this was a re-read for me after watching the first three seasons of Outlander with my Mom. It was just as good as the first time I read it and made me so excited for the upcoming fourth season of Outlander!

Books on the Shelf

I have absolutely nothing on my shelf that is currently begging to be read – so any and all suggestions are appreciated! I have several books that I “could” read but none are just tempting me at the moment. *sigh*

Must See TV/Bingeworthy 

The Mindy Project – I started watching this show on the recommendation of my sister and I could not love it more! The show is funny, heart-warming and wonderful and of course…I pretty much immediately fell in love with Danny Castellano, ha-ha! I just finished the third of six seasons, so I’ve still got a bit to see with this show but I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

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Escape to the Country – I could not love this show more if I tried! It’s like House Hunters but in the English countryside and every single thing about it fills my soul with absolute joy and happiness! A couple looking to escape the the country view three homes, the third being a “mystery house” and it’s interspersed with interesting lifestyle tidbits from the area of the English countryside that the home owners are looking to move to. It’s such a delight and you can find this on Netflix if you fancy checking it out!

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Movies of the Month

I have not gone to see a single movie this entire month. Not a one. Now – I did see Beauty & the Beast as part of a re-release on September 15th but I’m not going to count that here because I think it’s well documented that I’ve seen Beauty & the Beast many many times and you don’t need to know from me how wonderful it is – yet again, ha-ha!

Tasty Treats

I started the month with some tasty chicken stew that turned out really well in the crock pot – so good that I even blogged about it! I also tried a recipe for Sweet Corn Pasta that used corn kernels to make a sauce and it was divine – just typing about it makes me want another bowl. I had yummy pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls and tried some haggis at the Scottish Heritage Festival – I can’t say I’d eat it again, but at least I tried it!

The end of the month brought the delicious Limoncello Tortufa that was some sort of lemon and vanilla miracle in the shape of food! I also had Duck Donuts for the first time and tried Peanut Soup (yum!) and Syllabub (yum!) for the first time at King’s Arms Tavern!

Tunes & Talking

I’ve kept busy this month listening to some of my favorite podcasts: The Big Boo Cast, The Popcast with Knox & Jamie, Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities and when I wasn’t listening to a podcast I was probably listening the soundtracks from Game of Thrones and Outlander. I’ve also been frequenting a station called New Age Instrumental on Pandora, ha-ha! All the instrumental music for me please!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Happy Birthday to Me – I’m not sure how I’ll be celebrating my actual birthday (I’m in Asheville celebrating this weekend) on the 6th but I’m always glad to celebrate another year of life. Shortly before I turned 30, I really got into a funk about…turning 30…but I’ve come to realize that the alternative to celebrating another birthday is pretty grim, so I should celebrate life – regardless of my age. So here’s to 34! Yikes!

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I’ve got some get togethers with friends planned, two different Bible studies/ladies groups to attend all month, a ladies conference at church, hopefully taking in some gorgeous leaves as they turn and of course…at the end of the month is Halloween! October is sure to be a wonderful month!


September was pretty slow and steady but Autumn is ramping up to be fun and I can’t wait!

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