Game of Thrones – Live in Concert

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Five on Friday for this post about the Game of Thrones concert that I went to on Tuesday night in DC! The tickets were my Christmas present last year, so I’d been patiently waiting for the concert to make it’s way from the UK and arrive stateside – and the stop closest to me was DC, on September 25th!

I attended the concert last March as well and had such a wonderful time. I’ve mentioned before that I listen to a lot of instrumental music and the score for Game of Thrones is absolutely beautiful and provoking – I’m slightly inclined to think that Ramin Djawadi is something of a genius – he scores some of my favorite music to listen to (he not only scores Game of Thrones, but also does a fantastic job on the very different Westworld.)

The seats I was gifted (my Mom is the best at picking out seat y’all – the best) were on the second row and so close to the stage that when it snowed or leaves fell (we’ll get to that), they floated right over my friend Jennie and I. The seats were – in short – spectacular and I could not wait for the concert to start! Game of Thrones is currently in between seasons and as they make the final season (tears) with 6 episodes that will likely each be the length of a short movie, the break between last season and this season has been LONG.

Now – if you’ve never watched Game of Thrones then this post may not be too fascinating for you – but if you are a Game of Thrones fan, well I tried to include as much as I could! I took so many videos and I don’t want to overwhelm the post with videos, ha-ha!\

One of the first pieces to be performed was Winterfell – the theme of House Stark. A violinist was suspended in the air as she played the piece, being drawn into place to represent a Weirwood Tree – a symbol that is central to the faith that the Starks adhere to in the North. The song is beautiful and of course, I took video! How could I not?

Absolutely beautiful – isn’t it? Haunting and poetic…I just love this song! I also love how the creative minds work to place her solo performance in the show in this way – just fantastic!

The show is incredibly large and the cast is…generous, to say the least. Two of the characters who have spent earlier parts of the show far apart are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen – but in the seventh season their stories; which have often mirrored each other, finally merged. But before we could get to that – they showed the first love of Jon’s life – Ygritte… A fun fact for you? Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, who play the characters Jon Snow and Ygritte were married this past summer – so I think that makes their portion of the show a little more touching, no?

You guys – that horn absolutely made the floor shake! The guy playing it was an incredible percussionist and he played numerous instruments throughout the show. I loved watching him play the didgeridoo but I do think the giant horn – called the wildling horn – was my favorite. As promised, after Jon’s story line…we got some of Daenerys’ story line as well!

I couldn’t not include this amazing video with Ramin just wailing on the guitar – this scene is one of my favorite scenes from Game of Thrones. If I’m being honest, all the scenes from Game of Thrones are my favorite scenes…ha-ha!

Following intermission, we picked back up with Jon Snow’s story (he’s become something of a central character) with the all important resurrection and the ensuing Battle of the Bastards – what may be the largest battle sequence ever filmed for television – as of right now. Apparently a battle in season eight will top that…

The scene depicted below is easily one of the most thrilling moments in the history of the show – I think the audience’s response when Jon Snow reaches for his sword makes that pretty obvious. I’m not a big fan of watching battles because I tend to be squeamish, but I am always impressed with what Game of Thrones delivers!

Another scene that was beyond memorable is also from season 6 – and the song that goes along with it; The Light of the Seven, is an almost ten minute marvel of music that builds and scales it’s way to a thundering conclusion.

This song was the conclusion to the show last year – filled with fire and bright green lights. It was no less impressive this year and when the song ended, the smoke wafted across us as it cleared the stage.

The show then moved on to moments from season seven – including the reunion between the Stark siblings, which was one of the most touching moments for me to watch.

The show moved on to one of the big battles from season seven – I call it the Field of Fire but I don’t think that’s what it was called in this particular episode. It was yet another moment in the show when favorite characters…after seven seasons…begin to collide and you aren’t really sure who you should cheer for!

I was thrilled to get such a good shot of Drogon from the battle – this whole portion of the show, with the lights and music – just incredible!

The final video that I will share covers the meeting and blossoming relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the Wolf and the Dragon. I cheered this relationship all season long…although I’m not so sure it will have a happy ending when it’s all said and done. I suppose you have to enjoy things while they are happening, right?

The show was absolutely so amazing – I hope they do a third tour, because I’ll be more than happy to get tickets again. The eighth season is not set to premiere until the middle of 2019 and there will be plenty more footage to score with excellent music.

Game of Thrones is so much more than a TV show and besides the incredible story that the show is telling, I know the music is one of my favorite things to come from the show. I am both looking forward to and dreading the final season – because all good things must end and that will be the end – but at least there will always be the gorgeous music to listen to!

Winter is Here.

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