Autumn is Here

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Today is the first “official” day of Autumn and I am thrilled! It makes me want to drag out all my scarves, pull on my boots, maybe put a little hat on my head and take a walk while sipping a pumpkin flavored coffee out of my thermos and watching the leaves fall.

Granted – as I post this, I’m in Williamsburg and the temperature is hovering around 90 degrees…so if I had on all those things and was sipping something warm, I’d probably melt to death. But next weekend I’ll be in Asheville and the temperatures are supposed to be a wee bit more Autumnal – so maybe I’ll really be feeling it then?

Regardless – happy first day of Fall to everyone – enjoy! I’ll be trying to find a location that mimics the picture below…and then I’ll put on my hat, scarf and boots and sip my warm gourd flavored drink, ha-ha!

Image result for Autumn

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