Not Much to Report

Well – the past weekend was not exactly a busy one – another weekend with not too much happening. I suppose that’s nice because the next two weekends on the calendar are full of travel and adventure and it’s nice to have down time here and there along the way.

Friday night was dinner out, perusing Hobby Lobby for a bit and then returning home to do a lot of nothing. I watched some episodes of The Mindy Project and Escape to the Country…but nothing too thrilling to report.

Saturday after having waffles and coffee, I got myself together and did some tidying up…but I honestly did a whole lot of nothing until it was time to head to the theater to see Beauty & the Beast at 2:00. I met my parents at Home Goods after the movie ended and then we picked up the supplies for chili and rotel, went home and cooked it up and enjoyed a filling meal while watching college football. MSU won – which is always grand.

Sunday morning was sinus struggles and heading to church. After watching the weather all weekend, we decided that we’d be okay to grill out on Sunday night for the friends coming over for dinner and so we grabbed the items needed to grill from Wal-Mart after lunch.

We went to an open house across the street from our house and I watched some Nationals baseball and took a short nap before getting ready for our guests. Family friends came over with their sweet (and sometimes wild) kiddos and we were able to have dinner out on the deck with a gentle breeze and blue skies!

Once dinner was over, we packed everything on the deck back under cover as dark clouds started to encroach and headed indoors to be entertained by the antics of Amelia and Evelyn – the two smallest of the bunch. My parents gave Evelyn a pink coat and it immediately became such a hit that she proceeded to parade around the house taking it on and off, grinning and prancing… she won’t be two until March, but she’s full of personality.

Amazingly Watson stayed upstairs for all the visiting – he usually vacates to the downstairs but he must have found some inner courage. He even let the girls play with him and his stuffed porg for a bit – he’s so good with little kids. After everyone left, I hopped in the shower and then just chilled out for a bit before hitting the sack.

Like I said – not a busy weekend – but a good weekend all the same.

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