Weekend Vibes

I am convinced that the weekends pass much too quickly – I swear it was just yesterday that I was typing away excitedly about the weekend being on the verge of beginning and here we are – on Monday once again. I am all too aware that a three day weekend is coming up soon and I could not be more excited about it.

Friday after work we had dinner at Olive Garden and I was introduce to their delicious Green Apple Sangria! It is light, fruity and absolutely delicious…and I was blown away when my Mom ordered a glass of the Peach Sangria for herself, because she does not drink – ever. We have tried (in vain) to find a rose or white wine that she likes but we’ve yet to succeed…so I was stunned that she ordered something made with white wine. Well, she ended up sipping two small sips and deciding that the Peach tasted more “alcohol-y” than the Green Apple that we’d sampled – and that’s how I ended up with two glasses of Sangria to go with my dinner, ha-ha!

I had the delicious but entirely too filling Cheese Filled Gnocchi with Alfredo Sauce and Chicken – so yummy. *drool* We perused Hobby Lobby just a bit and then headed home, where I sat outside with my pup in the post storm breezes for just a bit. I’ve introduced my Mom to Outlander and so we passed the rest of the evening with a couple of the episodes from the first season and then I finished China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan.




Try as I might – I couldn’t sleep past about 7:30 on Saturday morning, so I rather reluctantly made my way out of the bed and to the coffee pot for sustenance. I did a whole lot of nothing throughout Saturday morning… had some coffee and made sure to have it in my Game of Thrones mug (you’ll see…), had some breakfast, poked around the house and did some things here and there, until my friend Danielle arrived at 2:00 and we made our way to DC for the Nationals game.

Saturday evening was Game of Thrones night at Nationals Park and so Danielle and I made our way into the city and our first stop before the Park was Ice Cream Jubilee to introduce Danielle to the delicious goodness of the ice cream there. I had two scoops – Cookies & Cookie Dough and Fresh Minty Chip – both delicious! And then we walked along the river walk to Nationals Park and joined the line of people waiting to go in and grab their figurines and sit on the Iron Throne…

Once we made our way into Nationals Park, we had to search for the Iron Throne – I’m not sure why in the world the people that actually worked at Nationals Park didn’t actually know (we had to ask two different people) but we were finally directed to the Kennedy Ballroom and some absolutely amazing air conditioning…and of course, the Iron Throne!

After taking our pictures on the Iron Throne – a fast and furious activity to be sure, we made our way out and around the park…perusing the Team Store and sadly finding that there wasn’t a single Game of Thrones item to be purchased, we made our way to our seats and got Dothraki Dogs (all the food was renamed along Game of Thrones lines) and readied ourselves for the game. Of course, much like last year – all the player’s pictures were styled along the lines of Thrones characters…

Unfortunately the game itself wasn’t much to talk about… *sigh*. Trea Turner did hit a two run home run in the second or third inning and that was fun to see, but the game sort of stalled out after that… not much in the way of good pitching from the Nationals nor good hitting for that matter. We decided to head back toward the Metro after the 6th inning and while the game tied up at 5-5 in the 9th, the Marlins won in the 10th inning and so it certainly wasn’t the win I was hoping for. The highlight of the game was definitely getting to see the new bullpen cart in action – it was positively amusing.

I woke up on Sunday morning with a headache and began trying everything I could think of to get rid of the headache – because we had post church tickets to see Crazy Rich Asians and I have been looking forward to seeing it so much! Church was great and afterward, we headed to The Alamo for our showing of Crazy Rich Asians – we went all in and got food and drink inspired by the movie: The Orchard Road to drink, Chicken Satay to eat and Mahjong Cookies for dessert – yummy!


The movie was so good: funny, sweet, romantic, heart-warming…just everything I wanted it to be and more. It does have some differences from the book, but not in a way that makes it less – just different. If you are thinking about going to see Crazy Rich Asians, I would so highly recommend it – it’s excellent! And if you are seeing it at an Alamo Drafthouse, I’d also recommend getting the Chicken Satay – it’s super yummy!

Unfortunately the last thirty minutes or so of the movie was a bit of a struggle for me; not because the movie wasn’t good (it’s excellent), but because my headache was really flaring up and starting to make me feel a little sick to my stomach as well. Once we got home, I had to take a minute (an hour) to lie down in the dim light of my living room and let the headache back off. Blegh.


We did a bit of grocery shopping and I snapped the above photo of a deer grazing alongside the road as you enter our community – so sweet. We had our traditional Sunday evening meal of Papa John’s thin crust pizza and I took my usual bubble bath. My Mom and I watched two more episodes of Outlander and that was the weekend – done!

Now – how many more days until the next weekend starts? I could use another weekend like…right now!

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