Not As Planned…

It’s Tuesday and I’m finally putting up some pictures from the weekend – that alone should be a testament to the fact that everything about the past weekend didn’t go as planned, but honestly – it’s just because I never really had time yesterday.

Aspects of the past weekend didn’t go as planned though – that much is true. I left work early on Friday and the family headed into DC under an indeterminate sky for a baseball game! Our journey to Nationals Park went smoothly enough, we arrived right before the gates opened and secured Anthony Rendon bobble heads – win!


And then – in what can only be an ironic twist of fate (since I posted a picture almost identical to the above on Friday…), once we got up to the third deck and found a picnic table, the skies opened up and the rain began to pour. Thankfully we’d all gotten our supper of choice and our picnic table was under the cover of the concourse, so we ate our dinner and held on to our coveted seats out of the rain.

It rained for about 45 minutes and then the clouds parted, the sun came out and everything seemed like it was all going to work out just fine. We grabbed napkins to wipe off our seats and made our way toward our section of the stadium, stopping along the way to grab a long coveted but never purchased Nationals helmet filled with ice cream. And I made my way down the stairs to our seat, I heard an audible weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth…

That’s right – at 6:50, just a short 15 minutes before the game was set to begin – it was postponed due to rain that was still to come. *sigh* So, we finished our ice cream on the concourse and then joined the throngs of irritable fans back out of the gates and onto the Metro. Essentially, we rode the Metro into DC on Friday night to have dinner at Nationals Park. Y’all know I love Nationals Park – but I can get a burger and fries pretty much anywhere and honestly (sorry…) it’s probably going to be better.

Surprisingly, we were back home by 9:30 and I suppose that calling the game for rain was a good move – we met the rain moving into DC as the metro made it back to Vienna Fairfax and it continued to pour for the rest of the night.

Saturday was filled with doing a lot – and not a lot – if that makes any sense. I became the proud owner of my parent’s gorgeous bedroom furniture and moving that stuff was no joke! I’m still feeling the pain days later from lugging the furniture – but my bedroom looks extra splendid now! My parents also pulled out old pictures from my younger years to frame and hang.. behold, pictures from my youth.


I did a lot of the furniture reorganizing and general cleaning out and removing of things that I decided I did not need anymore…as one does… There was a break for some perfectly delightful oreo and mint chocolate chip swirl ice cream – hallelujah!


My bedroom is done is gray and yellow but when I get this ice cream, I feel like I need to re-do my bedroom in gray and aqua/mint green because this ice cream not only tastes delicious but it inspires me, ha-ha!

I didn’t do much this weekend – and so there you have it. My weekend recap, a day late and about well…not much beyond moving furniture, getting bitten by some type of bug (my ankle did swell a bit…) and not getting to watch a Nationals game. C’est la vie – there’s always next weekend, right?

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