Five on Friday

It’s Friday again and I think this week just passed in a blur – seriously y’all, I feel like my head is spinning with the realization that not only is this whole week over but this is the LAST weekend in July! My friend Danielle sent me a meme (below as lucky number 4) that perfectly sums up my feelings on how past this year is passing!

Flora BoomOne. Norfolk Adventures – My week started off normal enough but as soon as I got home from work on Monday, I joined my parents for a drive down to Norfolk to meet up with my younger sister before she goes on another AF funded “vacation” for the next four months. After multiple flight delays and a cancellation changed her arrival from late Monday night to early Tuesday morning, we stopped to grab dinner at Park Lane Tavern before arriving at the hotel in Norfolk around 9:30.

I got in some Shark Week viewing at the hotel and on Tuesday morning we grabbed breakfast before making our way to the airport to pick up our cargo. The Norfolk International Airport is small but really nice and luckily enough, all the cancellations and delays didn’t keep my little sister’s bags from arriving perfectly on time!

Two. Freemason Abbey – We had lunch on Tuesday at Freemason Abbey, a restaurant that is inside a 144 year-old renovated church in the heart of downtown Norfolk. The building was built and christened as a church in 1873 by the congregation of the Second Presbyterian Church, became the home of First Church of Christ Scientist in 1902 and became the meeting hall for the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows (yeah – I don’t even know…) in 1948.

The renovation from church to restaurant began in 1988 and the removal of two false ceilings revealed the soaring cathedral trusses – you can glimpse them in one of the pictures above. The windows were restored but alas – the bell from the bell tower was no more. The food was yummy and the atmosphere was incredibly interesting, if you’re ever in Norfolk and looking for a unique dining location, check out Freemason Abbey!

Three. Virginia Beach – It rained all day Tuesday; it’s actually rained almost all week, it started on Sunday and continued until Wednesday night…off and on. We stopped in at the outlet shops in Norfolk for about an hour, where I ended up grabbing a tee on sale for $5 from the Gap Outlet and an amazing cardigan from Banana Republic on sale for half off – originally $54 but I only paid $29! Yes! I tried to link but no such luck….

We drove down to Virginia Beach (only about a 15 minute drive) with our fingers crossed that it would stop raining and we might be able to peruse the beach a little bit, but no such luck. I jumped out just long enough to snap a couple pictures of Neptune on the beach and one brief photo of the waves rolling in rather angrily… and then, that was that. We headed back to Norfolk, had dinner with my sister and then said our “see you later”s before heading home. Whoosh!

Four. Where Has This Year Gone – I mentioned above but holy cow guys, this is the last weekend in July! There is literally one month of summer left and then Autumn will be upon us – and I cannot believe it. Granted, September – December are kind of the months of every year that I live for and I will welcome them with open arms, but how have these seven months gone by so fast?

Does anyone else feel like they blinked and the year is more than halfway over? I know I certainly do… wow.

Five. Perfectly Posh Sale & Posh the People – Y’all know I have to talk up my side hustle here on my blog just a little bit! Perfectly Posh is having a sale on retired favorites, now being offered for a discounted price…but only while supplies last! There are several awesome products on sale – but then – I’m inclined to think pretty much everything that Perfectly Posh offers is awesome!

If you’ve ever thought about checking out Perfectly Posh – now it a great time, not just because so many items are on sale but Posh is doing a promotion right now called Posh the People. If you create a Perks account and place an order of $25 (or more) you can choose a free product! The products that are available and the code to get a free product are below!

I personally love all of the products – so if you’d like to check out the sale and grab some items for cheap (and free), you can do that at


Happy weekend you guys – I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and it doesn’t fly by too quickly!

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