Five on Friday

It’s Friday – and not just Friday, but this Friday is…for me…on the cusp of a really short work week. I’m off next week from Tuesday afternoon through the rest of the week, so it’s almost like I have a short break on an extra long weekend – yahoo!

Now that I’ve shared all my delightful news about a long, long weekend…interspersed with a short work week, let’s get down to the Five!

Flora Boom

One. Perfectly Posh Freebies – Perfectly Posh has so many items on sale right now! If you’ve ever wanted to try Perfectly Posh, now is the time to do so because with a $29 order you’ll get a free That’s So Cuke face wash and with a $49 order you’ll get a free That’s So Cuke face wash and Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out Replenishing face moisturizer.

This deal only lasts through June 30th and is available to the first 6,000 customers – so if you’d like to give these products a try, check out my website at

Two. Too Cute – I just couldn’t not share this picture of my pup! He’s always been a beggar and earlier this week I decided to partake in some delicious macarons that I ordered from Ma-Ka-Rohn and he just couldn’t resist hoping he’d get a bite! He’s such a mess!

Three. Weekend Plans – What to do with this last weekend in June? Well tonight will be dinner and visiting with some family friends. Saturday doesn’t have too much in the AM, I suppose it will be the sort of morning where we’ll see what unfolds… but Saturday evening we are heading to West Virginia to celebrate my favorite almost 4 year old’s birthday with a picnic/cook-out. You can also see the nearby Harper’s Ferry fireworks from the backyard – so that should be cool! Sunday is July 1st and who knows what we’ll get up to on Sunday?

Image result for weekend loading

Four. Stop & Smell the Roses – Another picture…which I just couldn’t resist. We have roses planted in the backyard and the hot pink roses in particular are blooming absolutely beautiful and I had to share a picture!

Five. Local Lore – I mentioned last week (or was it two weeks ago?) that I’d been loving the podcast Lore and I realized this week that the Northern Virginia/DC Metro/Maryland area has it’s on episode and I’d seen the creature of lore and didn’t even know it! Last summer while in DC for a Nationals game, we spotted the large sign below and wondered what in the world it was all about…

Fast forward to this year and I know that it’s a legend from the lore of the DMV – a flying serpent-like creature that swoops down and snatches children and live stock (glad I’m not either of those). It’s also a beer festival named for the local legend…and that’s what the sign was for! Just another interesting thing to learn about the place I now call home!


That’s all I’ve got for this Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend – I’ll pop back in tomorrow with my June Jams and then – it’s July! I can’t even believe it!

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