Another weekend has come and gone – a weekend that unfolded a bit differently than expected, but when unexpected things happen – you just roll with it. I finally saw Deadpool (it was hilarious) and passed my Friday night with dinner out with my family, watching the Nationals play baseball (rather poorly) on TV and just poked around for most of the evening.

I woke up on Saturday morning at 6:40 AM and couldn’t ever quite go back to sleep, so I finally got up around 7:45 and discovered my Mom had been left to run the garage sale on her own because my Dad was called in to work… I had my coffee and proceeded to pass the morning going in and out to sit with my Mom, walk my pup and just take in the nice weather. Around 11:00 Watson and I made a run to grab lunch from Burger King and we all munched on our burgers in the garage together – even Watson got a few bites!

Shortly after noon, I went to get my hair cut and had a lovely time chatting with my friend Melissa while she did my hair for me! Mid-way through my hair cut, my evening plans were unexpectedly cancelled and so once I got home, I course corrected a bit and ended up spending my afternoon perusing Target with my Mom, getting ice cream and grabbing some groceries before heading home and taking a nap.

Now – I wouldn’t normally take a nap at 5:00 in the afternoon, but I’d been dealing with a headache for almost 48 hours and the medicine I took…thinking it was non-drowsy…was very much the kind of medicine that makes you drowsy! Whoops! We grilled kabobs and had dinner on the deck together – not the way I thought my Saturday evening would be unfolding, but it was nice all the same.

I joined my parents at a church they visited on Sunday morning – it was Father’s Day after all and I felt I should spend most of it with my Father, ha-ha! We had dinner at Carrabba’s and went to see Oceans 8, my Dad loves a movie with Sandra Bullock in it. The rest of the day passed quickly – Sundays always seem to fly by – but I took a bubble bath, washed some clothes, read a bit and watched Westworld before calling the weekend done.

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