Five on Friday

Flora Boom

One. Stanley Cup 2018 – The Capitals won y’all! I think that statement pretty much speaks for itself but I’ll elaborate a wee bit. It was (potentially) a 7 game series and the Las Vegas Golden Knights won the first game in Las Vegas, but the Capitals won the next four and tied things up last night – in Las Vegas! A huge congratulations to the Las Vegas Golden Knights who made it to the Stanley Cup finals in their FIRST season – but this year, the Cup is coming to DC!

Two. National Best Friend Day – Did y’all know today is National Best Friend Day? I didn’t until earlier this morning and then I read it on…well the internet, of course! I am blessed with so many friends that I consider to be my “bests” and they are the best in so many different ways. Near or far, I’m so glad I have each one of these wonderful friends in my life!

Three. Oceans 8 – I’m going to the movies tonight to see this all lady heist movie…and I’m going with two of my favorite ladies and we are making a girl’s night out of it! I love the Ocean’s movies and I completely love that they’ve made one where the cast is all female – as my Mom and I joked, “It only takes 8 women to do a job that requires 11 men!” I’m looking forward to grabbing some dinner, maybe grabbing a drink and spending time with my friends watching this film!

Image result for Oceans 8

Four. Saturday Plans – My Saturday morning should be the height of relaxing… I have nothing on the agenda besides getting some exercise in and catching up on The Handmaid’s Tale. Saturday evening my friend Katie is coming over and we’re going to have dinner and catch up with one another – it’s long over due! I like having a peaceful Saturday on the books and I’m looking forward to sipping my coffee on Saturday morning…maybe even on the deck!

Image result for Coffee Someecards

Five. Washington Nationals – We’re starting this post with DC sports and ending this post with DC sports, I love it! My Nationals swept the Tampa Bay Rays in a quick two game series mid-week and the San Francisco Giants are in town for the weekend…that three game series should be fun! I had plans to go to tonight’s game earlier in the week that fell through, so now I’m looking at games later in the month so I can get in a June Nationals game! The Nats may be deep in the injury list but their spirit(s) can’t be crushed and they seem to have hit a stride recently – let’s hope they keep it up in June!

Image result for washington nationals at capitals game

I’ll leave you with Nationals players Max Scherzer and Ryan Zimmerman cheering on the Capitals at Monday night’s hockey game. Y’all have a good weekend and tell your best friends you love ’em!


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