Musicals, Million Dollar Houses & Muggles

Oh Thursday – the day started off so gloriously simply because it started whenever I wanted it to. I think one of the simple pleasures of being an adult are those days when you normally have an alarm – and then, you don’t! Of course…perhaps I just love sleep too much? I’m not convinced that loving sleep too much is actually a thing…

We did a whole lot of nothing throughout the morning but we finally decided that we’d get ourselves together and go grab lunch and some pedicures and that’s exactly what we did. My younger sister took us to a pizza place she frequents called Blaze where you create your own pizza and it’s wood fired – the pizza was absolutely delicious and they had a drink that was some kind of delicious coconut water style sipper that I could drink all day, every day. I just came to the discovery that there is a Blaze Pizza in Fairfax and I’m all over that.

I got a navy blue color on my toes, I do believe it is called My Car has Navy-gation (which is weird) and I love it! It’s been just over a week and it’s still hanging on pretty well! We returned to Lindsey’s house to change clothes and pick up a couple things, then went to peruse the Base Exchange at Nellis AFB before meeting up and visiting with family friends. When our visit was over, we headed for the Las Vegas strip to have dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe before going to see Baz!

The tickets were a gift from our parents for Easter and the show is a musical mash up of three of Baz Luhrmann’s three most well known movies: Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby, all romances that feature rather tragic plot lines but all have incredible musical soundtracks and score to go along with the films. My sister and I were blown away by how close our seats were – my Mom really knocked it out of the park on this one – we were so close we could literally see the sweat fly off the performers. It was amazing!

I took so many pictures – the show was fabulous, absolutely fabulous – it is the perfect mash up of the three story lines with the songs woven throughout all the performances. I ordered one of the specialty drinks, the Jay Gatsby Julep and settled in for the 90 minute performance – which was delightful.

Every single performer could sing like crazy – oh my goodness, the pipes on these people – they were incredible. The songs and the very simplistic sets really worked to highlight the stunning ability that the performers had and really put them front and center…

I was unsure if taking video was an okay thing – signs said that you shouldn’t, but then the ring master said we could take moving pictures and I wasn’t sure if that meant video or those boomerang things… so I took one video – of one of my favorite songs from The Great Gatsby – and it was great. And thankfully, no one threw me out of the show for taking the one video, ha-ha!

See what I’m talking about – girl can sing! And they all had voices like this, it was incredible!

The show ended around 9:30 and we spent a bit of time walking through the Venetian’s shops and the canals… one of the items on display was an original gondola from Venice and it was pretty cool to see that. I absolutely love the Venetian – it may be my personal favorite of all the hotels on the Vegas strip – granted, part of that may be because I’ve stayed there!

We closed out the evening back at Lindsey’s home and I also ended the night on a sugar high because I ate my millennial pink (why is that a thing guys?) Minnie Mouse macaron. It was super cute and for the most part, very tasty – but there was something in the center that was…not great. It was a filled with super sweet strawberry mousse cream..and was tasty; however, in the battle of the macarons – the alien macaron wins for me.

Friday was another low key day – we slept in again and that deserves all the praise hand emojis in the world – you can’t not be excited about sleeping in, it’s such a gift. The slow morning allowed us to just relax and slowly get ready to go meet some life long family friends – the Masons – for lunch at a BBQ restaurant that I’m still thinking about. Holy cow the food was delicious! *sigh* After a long lunch chatting and eating fried dill pickles, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and sipping watermelon sweet tea, we headed back to the Mason’s house to visit a bit more.

We passed some crazy fantastic looking houses on our way to the Mason’s house and Diane (our sweet friend) said we should go check out the houses because they were open to view and were spectacular. You guys – these are million dollar houses and they were so beautiful I could have cried! Very modern and open and I just loved every minute of perusing them… my Mom took pictures of some of them and one of them (below) has me sprawled out in the home theater. Also – check out the insanely picturesque views! Love.

When we parted ways with our friends, we headed over to a cafe that my sister was introduced to by our family friends (above) that is called Bad Owl Coffee – and is a Harry Potter themed coffee shop! It was such a delight; the whole place was decorated with nods to all things Harry Potter, including some awesome tables with anecdotal quotes from the films. I got a Butterbrew iced latte that was tasty and the barista accidentally put two shots of espresso as opposed to one shot – so it kept me going for the rest of the afternoon!

We decided that while we were in Henderson, we’d stop by Freed’s Bakery – the bakery that currently has show on TV called Vegas Cakes. The bakery counter was loaded with so many delectable treats and the place was…busy…so much so that we had to take a number and I had plenty of time to decide exactly what I wanted from the bakery case. I finally chose a slice of the wedding cake and when I had it after dinner later on Friday night, I was quite justified in my delicious choice.

We closed out the evening with dinner at Mimi’s Cafe and then headed back to my sister’s house to relax and watch a movie. We also discussed what we wanted to do with our final two days in Vegas and then hit the sack!

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