Five on Friday – Disney Eats Edition

This post is coming to you all the way from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! I suppose what I really should say is that I wrote this post before I left and now I’m (most likely) chilling on my little sister’s balcony, staring at the desert mountain range as I hit “publish” on this post – it’s all the same, right?

I’ll soon be California bound for the next five days and three of those five days will be spent at the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland! I think I may have mentioned it (once…if not more than once) but Pixar Fest is in full swing at Disneyland and so along with all the awesome things that Disneyland normally has to eat, there are also tons of Pixar-themed goodies to partake in!

I thought – why not make this Friday’s Five all about the delicious things I plan to eat while I’m at Disneyland? Sound good to you? Prepare for a virtual sugar coma…

One. Millennial Pink Macaron – I absolutely love a good macaron…and the description of this one has my mouth watering: strawberry buttercream dipped in white chocolate, filled with coconut lime jelly. Yes please! I’ll take two!

Millennial Pink Macaron at Disneyland Resort

Two. Adorable Snowman It’s Lemon! Snow-Capped Lemon Soft Serve – This ice cream and frozen treat spot just opened and serves lemon style Dole Whip! I know exactly what I want too! The Lemon soft serve topped with a white chocolate “snow cap” – it’s adorable and I bet it tastes divine too!

Image result for Adorable Snowman Snow Capped Lemon

Three. Toy Story Alien Macaron – Remember that I love macarons in all forms and one that is green and shaped like the little aliens from Toy Story? You better believe I’ll take one! The filling in this macaron is blackberry and lime, something tells me I’ll love it!

Image result for toy story alien macarons

Four. Pixar Luxo Ball Cake Pop & Up! Grape Soda Cake Pop – Another thing I am all about is cake pops and these are just two of the many that Disneyland has to pick from that are Pixar-themed. The Luxo Ball cake pop is a traditional vanilla cake pop styled to look like the Pixar logo and the Up! Grape Soda cake pop has a grape center! I can’t wait to try these two…and more!


Five. All the Churros – Another thing I will be getting in loads? Churros! There are specially themed Cocoa churros (inspired by Coco), Lemon themed churros (inspired by Up), Strawberry themed churros (inspired by Toy Story) and Carrot Cake churros (inspired by the Pixar short Presto!) The cocoa churro comes with chocolate dipping sauce and the carrot cake churro comes with cream cheese dipping sauce! I’ll take one of each!


Lest you think I’ll only be eating sugar…well…honestly; I do plan to eat at least one meal a day that isn’t made of all things sweet but that’s the only promise I can make as far as food is concerned!

That’s all for today – I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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