Mondays – Blah

I know what you’re thinking – today is Tuesday and not Monday – and you’re right. I never got around to posting on Monday because it seems like the day is always crazy hectic. So, here I find myself on a Tuesday afternoon (that is also blah because of rain) posting about my weekend exploits.

Friday evening was pizza night – I was probably a wee bit too excited about getting pizza, but sometimes in life it’s okay to get excited about the little things. There is a new(ish) pizza place in my neck of the woods called Oak Stone and all the pizzas are wood-fired and so yummy! I got a cup of the lip-smackingly delicious tomato bisque and had the Tijuana: spiced beef, cheeses and sour cream on the tasty thin crust. I also had some kind of wonderful pineapple and rum cocktail that was tasty – the whole meal was a delight!

I ended up perusing the aisles of Home Goods (always dangerous) for some birthday gifts and then headed home and watched Spiderman: Homecoming. It was a really low key evening and it was made even more splendid by knowing that I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday!

I slept in on Saturday and really relished my first cup of coffee – it is definitely one of life’s little pleasures for me, to just sit in the quiet and sip my coffee. I didn’t have anything on the agenda until around 12:30, so I had breakfast and got in a little bit of exercise, walked the dog a time or two (the weather on Saturday was gorgeous) and then got ready for the rest of the day.

We headed to West Virginia for the rest of the afternoon and evening; my parents and I, we had two birthday parties to attend for little people and in between the two parties we popped over to Harper’s Ferry for a couple hours – and that’s where all the pictures come into play. But first…

The first of our birthday parties was for April, who was turning three and had a Troll-themed party! I have not seen the movie Trolls but I know all the little people love it and the music is good, ha-ha! Everything was bright and colorful and the food was delicious – and sweet April told everyone thank you as she opened her gifts! I’d like you to notice my parents got into the theme, donning some really cute troll “hats” and my Dad was quite interested in April’s new train set!

Since we were already in West Virginia (it’s wild and wonderful y’all) and our second party was in Harpers Ferry, we decided to actually go to the town of Harpers Ferry to spend a couple hours. It’s one of the coolest little towns that was the site of John Brown’s raid of the US armory, the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers converge and the whole town is like stepping back into the past. There are historical displays, a train station and bridge crossing the river(s) and tons of unique shops and restaurants – it’s such a cool place!


I persuaded my Mom to climb to the church, perched on the hillside…and I snapped a few pictures of bright red tulips as we climbed the stairs cut into the rock face.


I further made the climb up to Jefferson Rock – named because Thomas Jefferson stood at the location of the rock formation in October of 1783 and said the view from the rock was worth “a journey across the Atlantic”. It is quite a lovely view, if I do say so myself…although I only have a few pictures to show for my little climb up the hill!

Along the trail to and from Jefferson Rock was the ruins of the old Episcopal church and I had to make a stop, veer off the trail and investigate the ruins for myself – because, why not? They were fascinating and a little eerie…something tells me they’d be all the more unsettling after nightfall…


We met up with some friends who were also headed for the birthday get together and wandered around town a little longer – I grabbed a birthday card from the free trade shop and snapped a few more pictures around town; we walked the bridge spanning the river(s) and climbed up and down the town set in the hillside.



It was then time to head over to our friend’s Doug and Jen’s house to celebrate Emily and Evelyn’s birthdays – Emily was 12 and Evelyn was 1! Evelyn is a momma’s baby and that is putting things mildly, so when we arrived at the house and Jen had gone to get pizza, Emily passed her little sister to me to take inside – and what unfolded was pretty hilarious to me. She initially was perfectly content but once we got inside and she really began to survey the scene, the looks she was giving me became more dubious by the second – until she finally burst into tears and booked it across the floor toward her Dad.

We had pizza and cookie cake and the girls opened presents – and while they did that, I tried to distract the middle sister…still quite wee herself, because she didn’t have any presents to open and wasn’t really sure why she wasn’t getting all the attention. So she hid behind my Dad and I and we made lots of funny faces. All in all, it was a fun evening with some of my favorite little people!


I was absolutely exhausted on Saturday evening – I’m not certain why…but I got into bed and found my second wind, so I watched an episode of Westworld before calling it a night.


Sunday was filled with the familiar routine of church and I was able to meet some sweet ladies at the table I sat at for my NEXT class – always nice. I spent Sunday afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing… I did the laundry, played Westworld catch-up before the second season premiered at 9:00 and took my pup on walks around the neighborhood. All in all, a pretty lazy Sunday afternoon.

And now here we are – it’s Tuesday afternoon, the work day is almost done and the middle of the week is almost here. Thank goodness, ha-ha!

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