Natalie – According to Buzzfeed

Quizzes – sometimes they’re deep and meaningful, sometimes they’re about as deep as a puddle. The kind of quizzes that can be found on Buzzfeed (and a lot of the so-called “news”) most definitely fall into the second category; because, something tells me that picking seven desserts will not actually reveal when I will get married (the answer was 27 – which is funny since I’m 33 and still single).

In the spirit of all things crazy and random, I decided to let Buzzfeed tell me a little bit about myself. The answers to some of the quizzes were sometimes startlingly accurate and sometimes glaringly hilarious and quite far off the mark. So, without further ado, I give you…ME…according to Buzzfeed.


The Marvel Character – Obviously the most important of all quizzes, this puts forth seven questions and reveals which Marvel cinematic universe character matches your personality. Color me not even remotely surprised with my result.

I think almost anyone who knows me well could read that result and raise their hand to say “preach the truth!” I probably worry about doing the right thing way too much and I always…always…always want all of life to be fair. If I had a nickel for every time my Mom told me “well sometimes life isn’t fair” as I was growing up, well I’d have a lot of nickels. Now if only I could whip my body into the female equivalent of Captain America peak fitness…

Mythical Monster – A Gorgon?!? Y’all…I hate snakes! I HATE snakes! I cannot even remotely imagine having a head of snakes for hair – I’d just go ahead and have a heart attack. I don’t even remember the questions here, but I feel like I chose wrong…

I get that the whole point is that this is a monster – but why does it have to be a monster with snakes attached to it’s head? I just don’t know how accurate this is – but then again, who knows what the other options could have been?

Mythical Animal – A unicorn! Of course I’m a unicorn! I love this answer and not just because unicorns are very trendy right now – who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn, especially with such a glowing review!

I won’t be self indulgent enough to say “this describes me perfectly”…but I do my best to find the positive in every situation and my co-workers have commented more than a few times on how I’m like a ray of sunshine because I am always optimistic. So perhaps at least those two things are correct? I’ll take it! Now I just need to get myself a unicorn headband…

Perfect State – I’m California born, Mississippi raised and currently living in Virginia…but according to this quiz, I need to make my way back out west – to Colorado! I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Colorado (my younger sister attended college in CO) and I have to say, I wouldn’t hate living there – it’s a gorgeous state!

I don’t know how hip I am…I feel like I am NOT hip, but I am pretty chill and I find I can be pretty open-minded as well. I like that I’m seeing optimistic pop up again; I try so hard to be positive, I think it makes life much easier. I think it’s funny that a similarity that keeps coming through all these random quizzes is that I’m optimistic – I certainly try to be!

Classic Book – Can I confess that I’ve never read Jane Eyre? Because I absolutely haven’t…I actually haven’t ever read any Bronte! I have watched the film version of Jane Eyre with Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska but that’s about the extent of my knowledge of Jane Eyre.

I’m glad to know that I’m apparently strong-willed (although I don’t see that in myself…) but in the movie it seemed Jane was more morally strong and unwilling to bend her morals. She certainly loved Mr. Rochester and (spoiler) she gets her man in the end, but I don’t know that it’s because she just reached out and grabbed him… Oh well, whatever!

Disney Character – I’m not certain that I’m mischievous but I am fun and a little bit crazy! I also happen to love Stitch and I really enjoy the movie Lilo & Stitch, so I cracked up a little bit when this was the answer to the quiz.

Another big point in the Stitch column is that family is everything – and that is very true for me. So I suppose getting Stitch as my Disney character is pretty on the head…and I also suppose that some days I might be a little more than a “bit” crazy, ha-ha!

Pizza Partner – Well this is awkward. How in the world am I supposed to have a pizza with myself? Ha-ha! I suppose this makes some sense because if I had to pick one of the Marvel men to have pizza with…well no; I’d pick Stephen Strange first, but Steve Rogers would be a close second!

He has those clean cut good looks and charm – what’s not to love about that? And you just know with Steve Rogers that chivalry isn’t dead! So, where are we getting pizza from?


Well – while I’m certain that I won’t be going out for pizza with Steve Rogers, moving to Colorado any time soon or styling my hair with serpents… quizzes always give me a laugh. It’s always funny to see what kind of responses your answers generate – and from time to time, maybe even a goofy little Buzzfeed quiz will get more right than you thought!



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