Mostly Pictures of My Dog

The past weekend was one of those weekends where socially not a lot happens…but in all other areas of life, like binge-watching, catching up on movies on your Netflix list, bonding with your dog, trying new recipes, washing clothes…a lot happens on those fronts.

I feel like that last sentence is not even remotely “correct” as far as grammar and phrasing are concerned but as it’s Monday, I find I’m not horribly concerned. Monday is enough on it’s own…who needs to worry about grammar?

Friday was a LONG day – not to be confused with a bad day, just a long day. I was really happy to see the end of the work week and head home. I lounged on the couch just a little bit before hopping into the car with my pup, whizzing past the snowman on the hillside (he’s headless now…) and to Taco Bell for some guilty pleasure Friday night supper. After eating supper and changing into snuggly clothes, I watched Room and then did some reading – it was a riveting Friday night – to be sure.

Saturday morning I was able to sleep past 8:00 which really seems like a win to me – I find I can’t make it past 7:30 most days and that always seems to make me sad, for some silly reason! I sipped my coffee and watched a few episodes of the The Office (I’ve finally made it to the ninth and final season) before getting going for the day.

Watson; meanwhile, was very busy snacking on leftover snow on the deck and laying in the sunshine. He’s such a strange little creature sometimes..

I got myself together, started some laundry, made a grocery list and gave the dog a Busy Bone and a walk around the block before I set out to run some afternoon errands. I popped into Dick’s Sporting Goods looking for a birthday gift…but was woefully disappointed in their selection and left pretty quickly. I grabbed the things I needed to attempt the Mexican Street Corn soup I wanted to make for dinner and then hopped over to Old Navy – because almost everything was 50% off!

I grabbed an essential short-sleeved black jersey dress that will be great for the summer, a maroon tank and a white/yellow lightweight cardigan…that was hanging under a sign that said $15!…but rang up $20.99… I kindly asked if the price was correct because the sign over the cardigan; the sign over all the cardigans that looked like that, said $15. And guess what? She changed the price to $15! It never hurts to ask y’all!

I headed home and passed the afternoon with walks outside with the pup, more watching The Office, doing more laundry and vacuuming. I started my cooking around 4:30 and unfortunately the soup turned out…lackluster…it wasn’t terrible but it didn’t wow me in the way I’d hoped.

I was delighted when I stumbled onto Tulip Fever on Amazon Prime and was able to watch it; I read the book last year but the film adaptation never came to my area. It was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Watson thoroughly enjoyed begging for a sip of the milk I had a little later with my ice cream…

Sunday was another gorgeous sunny day! My friend Jennie and her son Jimmy met me for church and we had lunch at Panera after. I spent the afternoon finishing the book Born Survivors, walking around the neighborhood with my pup and preparing for the work week ahead.

Sunday night’s movie was Bridget Jones’ Diary, which I’d never seen! I thoroughly enjoyed it and while you are probably reading this and thinking “she was a bum all weekend”… you would be correct. But you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to have a weekend filled with doing a whole lot of nothing.

Which is why this post is a lot of pictures of my dog! Happy Monday y’all!

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