Ten Years Old


Yesterday was Watson Wednesday … but today is Watson’s birthday. When Watson “magically” appeared way back in 2009 and I took him to the vet, they told me that he looked to be about a year old. I don’t have any actual idea when he was born but to commemorate the day/season he came into my life, I decided March 15th would be his birthday.

He arrived on the scene incredibly skinny, with sores under his legs but his sunshine-y personality intact. After 6 weeks of posting flyers inquiring about his owner, I (happily) gave up the search and claimed him for my own.

He plumped up nicely under my care and although it took a little while to coax him out of his shell, with time and love, he became the most precious little companion. He has proven over and over how smart he is, he’s loving and especially fierce when it comes to his people but he never meets a stranger.

One of his favorite pastimes is taking a nap and he can be found most days in one of the many spots that he loves to sleep in. He’ll nap in the middle of a rug, curled up in the sunshine outdoors, in one of the multiple beds that he has and in his personal favorite spot – the center of my bed, under the covers if he can manage to maneuver them! He is a lover of all things comfortable.

Watson is also a great adventurer – he’s always up for a ride in the car and whether that ride lasts 5 minutes or 5 hours (or more…), he is always up to explore new places. When we made the move from Mississippi to Virginia, I was worried as to how he’d react but he has flourished and loves being near family and exploring all that Virginia has to offer. He has taken especially well to having four seasons to thrive in – snow is something he seems to enjoy more than I’d have ever imagined. Diving through drifts make him supremely happy.

In short – I can’t believe this little guy is already ten years old. He has been the best little dog a person could ever have and while I know that he’s getting older, I do so hope he has plenty of years left. He is one of a kind and will be irreplaceable one day. I love him so and can’t believe he’s already ten!


Happy Birthday to my Watson!

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