Gowning Achievement

I enjoy watching the Oscars – mostly because I absolutely love seeing the dresses that show up on the red carpet. I am by no means a fashionista (is that still a word?) and I certainly don’t create looks that are award winners from my own closet…but I love a good dress and I love discussing all the gowns with my younger sister.

Every year I post about my favorite dresses and a couple of the ones that are not so near and dear to my heart … all in fun of course.


This dress hands down wins for me! I absolutely love blue and this dress is spectacular! Jennifer Garner looks stunning! I think if I ever had to wear a gown for some kind of spectacular event – I’d want it to be blue and flowing…just like this!


I love the way this gold and black dress falls and I love the detailing across the shoulder where the black overlays the gold. I’m sure appearances can be deceiving but this dress; the fabric looks comfortable, but hey – it might not be, ha-ha! Lupita looks like an Oscar brought to life…


Another dress is royal blue – aren’t you surprised? I go back and forth on the bow; I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to wear something that is such a statement piece, but Nicole Kidman is so statuesque and gorgeous…she pulls it off and it looks stunning!


This dress – I love the color and I love the style! It looks so regal and those sleeves are incredible. I feel like Allison Janney picked this dress with her potential win in mind and wanted to look like royalty; and I think she does! Everything about this look is perfect!


Another metallic dress that really just wows me. I’m not 100% on board with Jennifer Lawrence’s attitude most of the time…but the girl knows how to pick a dress! I love the way the dress drapes and falls, although it looks heavy. Granted, it also looks amazing!


And now for the dresses (one isn’t really a dress) that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.


Oh Maya Rudolph. What is this? It looks like a shapeless red bag has been draped over her and while it might be comfortable…it is doing on favors. Someone compared it to a Snuggie and now that’s all I can see! Eek!


I love Emma Stone – and she looks excellent. But I just cannot get over the suit thing. It just doesn’t quite do anything for me and I know there must have been a million other options – I just can’t see a suit for the Oscars (as a lady)… maybe I’m just behind the times?


This person is named St. Vincent – I don’t know who she is, if I’m being honest. But I do know that what she has on is a huge no for me. Couldn’t some of that extra fabric bunched over her shoulder have been used to make the skirt longer? To make a skirt at all? *sigh* No thank you to this look.


And that’s all I’ve got for this year. Was there a dress you loved? A dress you despised? I know there are a few I wish I could have in my closet…but then, where would I wear them?

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