Weekend Recap

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Is the weekend really already over? That seems like such a pity – it was a nice weekend too. All good things must come to an end and I suppose that applies to the weekend as well…

Friday night we blew on over to Nana’s Irish Pub … seriously; when I say blew, the winds on Friday were in excess of 60 miles per hour, so we were definitely helped on our way to the restaurant with some tail winds. The food was excellent; as always! I started my meal with the Tomato Bisque and while I don’t really do the huge chunks of tomato, the broth was creamy and flavorful – it was divine! The Shepherd’s Pie was as good as I remember, although I confess that next time I think I’ll get the Chicken Pie – I tried a bite of my Mom’s and it was to die for!

Once we’d made our way back to the house, we watched Coco – and I was reaffirmed in my thought that the movie is excellent. I loved it so much more than I thought I would when I saw it in theaters and I absolutely loved watching it again – the movie is so colorful, touching and filled with good music.

Watson wasn’t terribly intrigued with the movie – shocker, I know – but he did enjoy lying by the fire and taking in the warmth.

Saturday morning the sun arrived early and bright – it came blazing through my bedroom windows and it was all I could do to sleep past about 8:15. I know; what a pity, right? My pup had already found his way outside and curled up on his favorite spot atop the green cover on the deck furniture… I personally thought it was freezing, but I guess having a built in fur coat counts for something.

A ton of Northern Virginia residents lost power because of the high winds and my friend Katie; who lives on the side of a mountain, was one of those unlucky people. Her views are to die for but I suppose the downside of those breath-taking valley views is that the wind up above the valley is even more fierce. She and her precious little boy popped in for a few hours on Saturday morning to visit; we caught up, had lunch and played with sweet baby boy.

Watson – I quickly discovered – is not a big fan of babies. Perhaps that’s not the right way to say that; he wasn’t mean to the baby, he was just wholly indifferent to him. Sweet baby boy thought Watson was great and smiled every time he walked by…but Watson was not interested in having much to do with our little visitor.

The whole experience honestly seemed to overwhelm Watson – he curled up and moped around the rest of the afternoon. I guess he doesn’t really like sharing his people with creatures that are cute and tiny like he is? Who knows. I made sure to give him extra cuddles after the cuddly baby had left…ha-ha!

My Mom and I (mostly my Mom) spent the afternoon doing food related things. My Mom was feeling inspired and whipped up a to die for Key Lime Pound Cake. I helped mix some things and lick the bowl…as any good sous chef does. The finished product was absolutely delicious and I could eat a bucket of the sweet and tart glaze that is drizzled on top of the cake.

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing…well a lot of nothing. I dusted on Saturday morning before my guests arrived and on Saturday evening I did a little reading, caught up on Scandal, watched a bit of a movie (Anna Karenina), took a bubble bath and yep…didn’t do much. I told my Mom that I felt like I’d spent the day doing nothing but at the same time, I didn’t regret the day… I guess that’s all that matters, right?

Sunday was another gorgeous but cold day and the wind; while much less intense, was still pretty fierce. We went to church and the preacher was feeling it for sure – he preached a sermon that was on point and on fire; I thoroughly enjoyed it! After church we popped over to Lowe’s to grab some paint and then went to have brunch at Regions 117. The food there is always good and this time was no exception – they recently updated the menu and I had waffles with cinnamon frosting and orange marmalade – my mouth is watering just typing that out…


We also had some pulled pork turnovers and fresh fruit and I went home feeling pleasantly full. I passed my afternoon reading, helping with laundry and making a Wal-Mart run before having dinner and settling in to text back and forth with my younger sister about the Oscars.

I used to be a die hard fan of watching the Oscars and I still really enjoy it; it’s not as interesting as it once was though. I was glad to see that The Shape of Water won Best Picture – I really did enjoy that movie! I am going to post my favorite dresses tomorrow because if there is one thing I really love about the Oscars – it’s the gorgeous clothes!

So – that was my weekend in all it’s glory. Onward we go into a new week and new adventures!

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