It Rained All Weekend

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You read that right – it rained all weekend. And the only day the sun is supposed to shine this week is tomorrow. *sigh* The weather is not exactly the greatest; but soldier on I must, cloudy skies and all.

Friday night my parents and I went out to get Mexican for supper, we popped in to one of our favorite places and it was delicious as always. I will confess, it seems since I quit the Arbonne Thirty Day Challenge, I have been hungry all the time – it’s so strange; it also means I need to get it together and stop eating so much. *face palm* Obviously I ate “all” the Mexican food on Friday night though…and then stopped at Aldi to grab coffee creamer and some truffles before heading home. It’s okay – you can roll your eyes.

My Mom and I watched the movie Gifted with Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer; it was really good! My puppy snuggled extra close all weekend and on Friday night he was right next to me, getting plenty of love. I stayed up until almost midnight reading on Friday night, but I finished my book!

Saturday morning dawned cold and dreary…because; remember, it rained all weekend. I spent my morning sipping coffee, starting a new book, doing some cleaning in my living room and bathroom and walking the pup around in the misty drizzle…

Shortly after lunch we had a sweet visit with some friends and then we decided to head out into the drizzle to do a little shopping. I have a panoramic shot of Nationals Park that I have been meaning to get framed and so I took it with me and stopped at Hobby Lobby to finally get that done! It should be ready by March 10th – so just a few weeks shy of Opening Day! We also visited Home Goods and my Dad was convinced that he needed to purchase some crystal candle holders to be used at the end of the couch as drink holders…I don’t know about his decorating sensibilities sometimes…

A Red Robin (yummm!) just opened about a month ago and we decided around 4:30 that if we wanted delicious burgers for supper, we’d better arrive by at least 5:00. We arrived before 5:00 and still ended up waiting thirty minutes, but the food was good – especially the dill pickle nickels! I am an absolute sucker for fried dill pickles y’all and these were so good! After our final stop at Lowe’s to pick out paint, we headed back home.

My Mom and I watched the last episode of This Is Us so we’d be caught up and we also watched some of the Olympics Figure Skating Gala but for whatever reason, I could not hang (#oldladystatus) and I was in the bed and asleep before 11:00!

On Sunday morning when I got up, I thought that I’d strategically placed the pillows on my bed so that my dog wouldn’t try to get “in” the bed…but I was so wrong. After having coffee and breakfast, I came back down to my room to get ready for church and I couldn’t find the dog anywhere. I finally noticed some ears sticking up in between the pillows I’d placed as “guardrails” and discovered that no pillow(s) stopped him from climbing to exactly where he wanted to be.

After church, my Mom and I went to Panera for lunch – all that soups were appetizing on a rainy, gray day. Our friend Jennie and her son Jimmy happened to be there, we happened to snag a booth and we spent our lunch chatting over soup, bread and lemonade. We made the grocery run on the way home and arrived back at the house in time to catch the back half of the Nationals first televised Spring Training game – they beat the Braves 9-3!

I’m so glad baseball is back on my TV again – I’ve missed it!

We took a long walk around the neighborhood – albeit a less sunny walk than last week’s – and I spent the evening getting my clothes prepared for the work week ahead, talking to my little sister, doing some reading, doing my nails and cooking supper. We had Crack Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner; it was my first time making it and it was a huge hit, we scraped the pot clean! It will definitely be added to my list of delicious meals.

And since it’s Girl Scout season, we bought a couple boxes of the cookies on our way out of Wal-Mart and I had some as my dessert on Sunday night while watching the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics. We splurged on a box of the S’mores cookies but nothing will ever top the Tagalong for me – it’s the best.

The weekend passed by way too quickly – but then, it always does. Another weekend in the books…the final weekend in February! In some ways February feels like it has flown by and (probably given the way it started) in other ways, it feels like it has lasted forever. Either way, before the week is out we are on to March and hopefully less rain and more Spring sunshine!

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