And So… It Snowed

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Saturday morning dawned bright – the sun shone and the sky was a perfect blue. There was a breeze on the air but not a cold breeze. I made a Target run in jeans, a t-shirt and my Columbia windbreaker; it certainly didn’t feel arctic outside and the sunshine just added to the feeling that there was no way snow was coming.

I came home and had lunch – and as the afternoon got under way, clouds rolled in, the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped. Around 2:00 I happened to look outside and see the smallest little flakes falling from the sky… I assumed it would just do a little light snowing and then pass on by, but within minutes, the snowflakes became thick, wet and heavy…

2:15…then 3:15…then 4:15…then 5:15…

The snow continued to fall in a thick curtain for several hours. Around 4:30 I took Watson outside and he was having none of it. Sometimes he loves the snow and sometimes he would just rather not, ha-ha!

The sun set and the snow kept falling and before very long, everything was covered in a thick blanket of white…


The temperature definitely dropped – my walks around the neighborhood in the falling snow were brief; the snow was wet and heavy and stuck to everything. I snapped pictures and hopped my way back inside. And I snapped so many pictures because I do wonder if this will be the only snowfall I’ll see this Winter…

I borrowed a few pictures from a community Facebook page of the lake all bedecked in snow, the trees mantled in white and weighted down with decoration. Snow makes everything…quiet. Everything is blanketed in the pure white, undisturbed and at peace.

Later in the evening, around 8:00…as the snow was still gently falling I took Watson out one more time. This time he was in love with the snow, bounding in and out of the drifts, sniffing for things buried under the mantle of white and enjoying every minute. When we finally came inside, he was wild – jubilant with his little adventure in the white wild outside.

So – after all that wondering – the snow did come. However; I should mention that as I write this the sun is shining, the temperature outside is hovering at 50 and all signs of the world of white from Saturday afternoon are…well…gone.

But hey – it was certainly lovely while it lasted!


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