Just Today

Today – as with most Mondays – has seemed both hectic and long. There was always something to do and somehow not enough time to do it all in…but too much time being taken for the work day to pass. Mondays tend to be that way, don’t they?

This Monday was much easier than the last; the first Monday of February in 2018 will always have that mark on it, the stain of sadness and finality that can’t ever be undone. The first Monday of February in 2018 will also be tinged with some of the more harsh realizations of growing up…but that’s a topic for another post, I suppose.

The past weekend was calm and easy – Friday morning arrived with a fire in the sky that looked like something not quite of this world. The work day passed well enough and Friday night was spent doing a little of this and that – having grilled chicken and a baked potato (a white potato at that; not a sweet potato, now that I’m free of the rigors of the 30 day diet…) for dinner, with a delicious salad! Organizing some aspects of my little home and cleaning up. Watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and taking short walks with my dog…

Saturday morning dawned…not so bright and definitely not early. I slept in until almost 9:00, which is the latest I’ve slept in what’s likely the past six months. I was shocked when I looked over at my phone to see it read 8:54 – who was this layabout that was still in bed at almost 9:00?? I’m not sure – but it was pretty wonderful, ha-ha!

It rained pretty much the entire day, which meant is was perfect for doing home improvement projects. However, that first required running a few little errands around town – my Mom joined me and we popped into Target, Lantz’s Pharmacy (a local shop that has the most excellent finds), Hobby Lobby and Home Goods before grabbing Chipotle for a late lunch. I spend the afternoon painting another wall of my bedroom, putting new drawer pulls on some “upcycled” side tables and getting my bathroom put together.

I promise the wall isn’t quite as…bright…as it looks. I suppose it just photographs odd?

I passed my evening with leftover chili (that I shared with my pup – of course), an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and even more Olympic coverage…and then Sunday was upon us.

My Mom and I popped in to church for a sermon on marriage (taking notes…I suppose…) and had lunch together at Chili’s. Since we’d literally only been in Home Goods for three minutes on Saturday and that wasn’t possibly enough time to see everything, we went back and did a more thorough visit. Purchases were made – of course.

After a little afternoon reading and relaxing, I went to see Peter Rabbit – because who doesn’t love a movie about a talking rabbit in a wee blue jacket battling it out against an uptight city boy for control of the garden? Apparently the parents of children with allergies – but I thought the movie was hilarious, cute and perfect for kids. It managed to be entertaining without slipping in nasty little nods to the adults on the sly – that’s a win, right?

Sunday night the sky was also on fire again – hence all the sunset pictures. I captured a few as I walked around the neighborhood with my pup, during a break in the rain that hung over the area for most of the weekend. After a delicious dinner of roast, potatoes and carrots with corn, my family and I caught up on Victoria, watched Olympic figure skating and decided we didn’t understand scoring at all (how did Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu not both get first place points?!?) and brought the weekend to a close.

Not a dramatic weekend – to be sure. But then again; I think the first weekend in February brought with it enough drama to last for a while.


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