Five on Friday

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I started this post last Friday…and then last Friday happened…and it was left as is. As it would happen, most of the things I was going to do last weekend – they are going to be the things I am doing this weekend. Life is funny like that sometimes, huh?

One. Scandal – I planned to spend last weekend catching up on the ten (yes, ten!) episodes of Scandal that I have let pile up on my DVR since the seventh and final season premiered last Fall..and I did catch up; albeit in the car on my iPhone as opposed to sitting on my couch watching it on my TV. The ten episodes I’ve watched have included some epic and action packed hours of television…and one that was; quite frankly, a bore (hello Fitz in Vermont…) – but the general theme for me in all ten episodes: I really don’t like Olivia Pope very much anymore. When I started watching Scandal, I certainly didn’t think the final season would have me cheering for her downfall…

Related image

Two. Painting & Decor – About a year ago I added an accent wall to my room in a bright yellow; I’ve decided it’s finally time to do another accent wall and so I’m going to paint the wall opposite my bright yellow wall…yellow! So that the two yellow walls bookend each other and hopefully balance out the room. I updated my bathroom just two weekends ago and I’m also planning to look into a color to paint my bathroom – I’m thinking a pale purple…or a bluish gray. We shall see…

Image result for yellow paint swatches

Three. End Table Redo – The updating and redoing continues! My parents are doing some painting and updating of their own and when they decided to get new end tables, I decided I’d like to take their old tables (pictured below), give them an update and use them as matching side tables for my bedroom! The tables are an aged white with silver pulls and I’m on the fence as to whether I should paint the tables another color and get new drawer pulls…or just add new drawer pulls and call it a done deal. My bedroom is done in gray, white and yellow…so the aged white color would be fine. I’m leaning more toward adding new yellow/gray pulls and calling it a done deal… Thoughts?

Image result for Lowe's End Tables

Four. Peter Rabbit – I grew up reading Peter Rabbit and when I happened to catch a preview for it a few months ago; well honestly, at first I thought it looked pretty silly…but the more I see previews…the more I want to go see it! So my adult self may be taking a trip to the movies this weekend to see a sort of animated movie about a rabbit that just can’t resist playing tricks on his new neighbor.

Image result for peter rabbit

Five. Rainy Mornings & Doing Nothing – The forecast for this weekend shows that it is supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday…and that’s perfectly fine by me. Beyond my excursions to choose paint and drawer pulls and potentially going to see a movie; I don’t really want to do much of anything this weekend. So perhaps I’ll just sleep in and listen to the rain…that sounds amazing, don’t you think?

Related image

And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday – I’m looking forward to spending the weekend doing my projects and relaxing. And perhaps in the midst of that, if going to the movies is a part of that…so be it. I’m just glad the weekend is almost here; this week has been…long(ish).


Oh wait y’all – one more thing! So technically this is a Five(ish) on Friday!

The Olympics start tonight! I mean; they actually started on Wednesday night with curling & I watched men’s figure skating on Thursday night (so many falls…)…but they “officially” start tonight! I’ve always loved the grandeur and pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies and I can’t wait to see what South Korea has in store! So you can find me this evening seated on my couch watching the Opening Ceremonies…and you’ll be able to find me watching the games over the next few weeks…

Image result for 2018 winter olympics

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