When Life Comes at You Fast

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What a “week” it’s been… I guess it hasn’t actually been quite a week and yet it’s almost been a week. It’s been one of “those” weeks.

The picture below was taken last Friday – when the day was new and everything was calm…normal…as it should be. I went to work, went about my routine as usual and around lunch time got one of those calls that no one ever wants to get.


Could I please come home – something had happened and I needed to come home. And so, home I came…in the middle of the day. I spent the next hour hurriedly compiling clothes and shoes and things into a suitcase to make the trip to Mississippi – a trip that now existed because a person so dear was no longer on the Earth.

My precious grandmother; my Nanny, that I have referenced on this blog since it began almost eight years ago…her car was struck by an 18-wheeler last Friday and she was killed instantly. She was on her way to her Monday/Wednesday/Friday exercise class, the sun got in her eyes and what she thought was a clear roadway…was not.

I’ve experience sudden loss – my grandfather (my Nanny’s husband) passed away just as suddenly almost ten years ago. It was a different kind of sudden though…somehow…the same and altogether different.

The past few days – Friday afternoon through Wednesday night – seem like they passed in some sort of strange haze. I discussed with my cousin this morning that the days seemed long but it altogether seemed very short. Like a blink of time – so suddenly passed.

My Nanny was one of my best friends – she listened to me talk; sometimes for hours. When I lived in Mississippi, I would sometimes spend hours on the corner of her couch on a Saturday afternoon…talking about anything and everything I could think of, she’d listen and chime in from time to time.

She would always hug me – not a wimpy hug, one of those tight, fierce hugs that was filled with love and so much more. She told me all that time that she was proud of me; and I knew, more than I knew with anyone else – she meant it. She would tell me she prayed for me every morning and I’m sure those prayers helped me through days I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten through.

My Nanny was always laughing and always filled with joy…even after her best friend was no longer here, she was still filled with happiness and she offered that joy to everyone she came in contact with. And now we will all have to live with that same amount of joy and offer that happiness to others around us…

Life comes at you fast – so hug the people you love. Let them know you love them. If you are proud of someone, tell them…and as corny as it may sound, try to find the joy and happiness in each day – because you are never guaranteed another day to do that.

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