Five on Friday

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It’s Friday – and this is technically the first “Five on Friday” that I’ve actually done this year! If you’re a blogger and want to join in, just post about five things on your mind this Friday – a favorite movie, book or show that’s captivating you, a recipe you want to try, cute pictures, a cute clothing item you found – truly whatever comes to mind and share!

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One. The Handmaid’s Tale – Having read the book about a year ago, I finally bit the bullet signed up for a month of Hulu for free and this was the first thing I wanted to watch. The show is both incredibly engrossing and incredibly horrifying all at the same time. The show stays quite true to the books while elaborating on character stories and I’m already intrigued by the previews I’ve seen for season two.

Related image

Two. Wardrobe Goals – A friend and I were discussing all the outfits that we pin on Pintrest and then never even attempt to emulate…and in doing so, I stumbled on the outfit below and realized with one piece, I’d have the outfit. I hopped over to Old Navy today and grabbed a striped dress to pair with my long black cardigan, boots and scarf. I can’t wait to put it all together and wear it!


Three. Watson & the Porg – I know…I know…my post on Wednesday was literally nothing but pictures of Watson and his new porg, but then on Thursday night he did something even more adorable with his porg and I couldn’t resist sharing. I don’t know why he loves the thing so much, I definitely thought he’d not really love it any more or less than anything else he has – but surprise, surprise!




Four. Arbonne – So, I started the Arbonne Thirty Day Clean Eating Challenge on Tuesday and man; so far, it’s been a tough few days. The guidelines are pretty strict but I’m definitely missing my coffee the most – the time I get to spend in the mornings sipping coffee is one of the little things in life that makes me most happy – and for the next 26 days, I’m without my coffee. My younger sister and Mom have both done the challenge and lost quite a bit of weight and experienced drastically improved health – so I’m hoping that will happen for me as well!

Image result for arbonne 30 day challenge

Five. Gimme More – Perfectly Posh is offering a little bit more this weekend when you shop! You can get free goodies with a $50, $100 or $500 purchase and any free goodies are always the best! If you’ve ever wanted to give Perfectly Posh a try and pamper yourself, this weekend is a great time – you’ll get a little something extra with your purchase.

You can check out my site at


So – these are the things on my mind this Friday. What about you? I’m also looking forward to a quiet weekend spending time relaxing, getting together with a lifelong friend and just enjoying some down time. I might even find the down time to post a little bit more about my trip to Disney!

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