Five on Friday

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It’s Friday – and it’s also December first! What in the world?!? I’m thrilled that December is finally here…I just can’t believe it’s gotten here so quickly! Having said that – December finally being here means that…


One. It’s Officially Christmas Season – And my feelings are pretty much in complete alignment with the GIF below. Because y’all – I love Christmas!

Related image

Two. A Royal Engagement – This is all just so very exciting to me! I love everything to do with the Royals and now we get to watch another gorgeous royal wedding unfold and I could not be more here for it! The best part is that an American girl is becoming a Princess and it’s literally like a fairy tale being played out in real life *swoon*. And yes, I know she won’t be an “actual” princess…but hey – who cares, right?

Image result for prince harry meghan markle engagement ring

Three. Christmas Wish List – Tis’ the season to shop for everyone and while some people on my list are absolutely a cinch to figure out, others have me wracking my brain to come up with just one thing – eek! A few things on my list this year include a new pair of Tom’s (I’ve worn my brown pair so much there are holes…), the seventh season of Game of Thrones on DVD and tickets to Game of Thrones in concert. I have big plans to tick some items off of my list of gifts for everyone else this weekend – and then hopefully get it all wrapped and hidden beneath the branches of my tree!

Image result for christmas list

Side note on this especially Royal Family friendly post – have you seen Prince George’s Christmas list? It’s definitely the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. *sigh* I do love the royals.

Four. My Dog is Cute – And I’m honestly struggling to think of things to write about…so here are five pictures of my dog doing cute things that I’ve taken in the past 48 hours. Yep, I take a lot of pictures of my dog.


Five. The Countdown to Disney – It currently stands at 34 days – so we are almost at less than a month. The magic bands ship out to us on December 5th (that’s Tuesday) and with the way December is speeding by…I’m sure it will feel like I’ve blinked and it’s time to head to the happiest place on Earth!

Image result for walt disney world

And that’s all I’ve got this week guys – and I obviously struggled to get that together, ha-ha! Oh well, it’s Friday and my brain is tired and ready for the weekend! Adios!

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