HBD to My Fave!

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My little sister – lifelong best friend and partner in crime has been keeping me entertained and amused for twenty-seven years today! She burst onto the scene twenty-seven years ago and because she was so fierce, she and my Mom were released from the hospital in time for turkey day. Lindsey has continued that level of fierce for the past twenty-seven years…especially if it means getting some good food, ha-ha! I’m kidding.

I will be the first to admit that she had to grow on me – I distinctly remember being less than impressed by the screeching, red-faced little creature that my parents presented to me at the hospital and my Mom later found a posted defaced in my six year old scrawl with “Lindsey is an ugly baby…” Oops y’all – my bad. It’s an adjustment going from a solo act to a duo; it takes time and practice!

We’ve been through a lot – boyfriends and bad friends, proms and parties and more family vacations than I could count on both hands. There have been more than a few people I wanted to beat up on her behalf…but then again, she’s always held her own pretty well, so there wasn’t ever much need. One day I realized that the little kid who used to pester and perturb me had somehow grown up…and what’s more, she’d become my best friend.

I can’t think of another person I trust and love more at this point in my life than my sister – she is truly my best friend and having her as a sister makes my life more rich and wonderful than my six year old self would have ever imagined as I stared at that screeching baby twenty-seven years ago. So – I love you Lindsey and I hope you have a wonderful day – and you enjoy the birthday nap that you mentioned you were going to take! Ha-ha!

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