Five on Friday

This week has been a real…delight. Honestly though – I’ve been trying to write this post for hours now and it’s almost 5:00 and so I’m trying to squeak this one out before I head out to start my weekend!

Five on Friday

One. Little Sister Time – My little sister AKA my best friend in the world is arriving home for almost ten whole days in the very early AM and I cannot wait! We have all kinds of good things planned for the week of Thanksgiving…but honestly; if we had nothing planned but sitting around together watching movies, we’d still have the best time!


Two. Afternoon Tea – We will be having afternoon tea at one of our very favorite places on Saturday: The Coach and Horses Tea Room! I cannot recommend this little tea room enough – it is truly such a wonderful experience every single time! They have pages and pages of teas to choose from and you can try more than one (or two…or three…) teas and all of the food is homemade and absolutely divine! I’m drooling just thinking about it y’all! The picture below is from the last time I went – way back in January – and it was spectacular!


Three. Family Pictures – It has been ages and ages since our family had professional pictures made and my Mom bemoans this fact from time to time…so my younger sister and I came up with an idea. We’d give our parents family pictures as a Christmas gift! A good family friend named Brooke takes the most gorgeous pictures and we are meeting up with her on Sunday afternoon at the Virginia State Arboretum to take pictures! Hopefully we won’t all turn blue in the process – the high is 45 and it’s supposed to be windy! Eek!


Four. Murder on the Orient Express – I “read” this Agatha Christie novel for the first time earlier this year; I listened to it via Audible, read by Dan Stevens and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the twist at the end! Now the movie adaptation (not the first) has arrived on the big screen and we are planning to go see it on Sunday evening and I’m so looking forward to it! I hope that it will manage to capture some of the intrigue and suspense of the book…although I must admit, I normally find that the book is always better, ha-ha!


Five. Thanksgiving Break – It’s less than a week away and I cannot wait! The past few weeks have seemed more hectic and tumultuous than usual and a few days off to spend time with family, eat good food and just relax sound absolutely divine! How is everyone spending their holiday this year? I’m happy to be staying in good ol’ Virginia to celebrate!


Alright y’all – I’m off to start enjoying my weekend! I’ll be back on Monday!


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