In Ode to A Crazy Day

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Oh – this day you guys. This day. It has been a doozy and so I just thought I’d share…

I joined my Mom at Hobby Lobby for lunch; we perused the Christmas decorations (everything was 50% off) and with my recent discovery that I have way too many ornaments and way too little tree…well I found a 4.5 foot tree on sale for $29.99! It wasn’t one of those fancy pre-lit trees, but I have a 350 bulb string of lights at home that are begging to be wrapped around some faux branches…so I grabbed the ticket and headed for the check out!

The tree rang up a little over $31 with tax and I popped my card into the reader – and watched in abject horror as it said in big red letters: DECLINED. My worst nightmare…probably anyone’s worst nightmare…I hastily opened my banking app because I knew I should have had more than enough money in my bank account to purchase the little tree. The nightmare got worse – my bank account showed a $0.00 balance.

I hastily explained to the cashier that I was sorry but it appeared someone had made a fraudulent charge on my accounts and I’d have to get the tree another day because they’d wiped out my bank account. After a fevered call, I was able to get my card closed and the incident submitted to the fraud department – and I’d also been rendered broke. Thank goodness I already paid my bills…eek!

I returned to work after hastily picking up my Rapid Pick-Up from Panera (the last thing I bought with my card…) and the day seemed to just get more hectic as it went on! Around 2:00 our intern mentioned that the day had seemed stressful for everyone and he volunteered to make a Starbucks run for “real” coffee. He ever offered to pay for it, but we assured him going to pick it up was enough and we placed our orders.

He arrived at the Starbucks and noted that my co-worker’s drink was there but mine wasn’t. I called the Starbucks and inquired about the order; I was told if the order sits for too long before being picked up – they will throw it away – but they’ll make a new one at no cost. I explained that it seemed odd that my drink would get tossed but my co-workers wouldn’t – we’d ordered at the same time. I gave her our intern’s name and my order and she said she’d go have them remake the drink.

Then our intern called me to say that they couldn’t make my drink because they were out of peppermint syrup and would I like to order something else at no charge. I waved good-bye to my dreams of a Peppermint Mocha (who runs out of peppermint syrup?!?) and decided on a Toasted White Mocha. Our intern finally returned with our drinks; no surprise, he hit every red light between Starbucks and the office.

This day has been a little bit crazy – here’s hoping the evening is a little more calm! *sigh*

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