Musings on the Weekend…

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Well – somehow Monday always arrives right on time. I’d muse on that and how it’s likely a good thing since the alternative…well…you know… But sometimes I do wish there was a day in between Sunday and Monday – perhaps it could be called Funday and it would make the weekend just a bit longer? I can dream I suppose…


My friends and I joke constantly that “Winter is coming”…mostly because we are nerds who watch too much Game of Thrones, but on Friday – Winter definitely came. We got out of work around 4:15 and I raced home to spend some time with my pup before heading to dinner and a movie – and y’all, I also needed to change in to much warmer clothes! The low on Friday night was 17 and by the time I left my house at 5:30 to go to the Alamo, it was brisk…and that’s putting it mildly!


I joined my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy at the movies to see Thor: Ragnarok – I cannot recommend the movie enough, it was hilarious! It’s become something of a tradition for us to go see all the Marvel movies together; Time Hop reminded me earlier this week that the first week of November a year ago, we were all three watching Dr. Strange – so we kept the tradition alive. The movie was so good; plenty of action and heart, plus a lot more laughter than I was expecting.

After it was over, I went home and snuggled my puppy and watched some Stranger Things before calling it a night.

Saturday was essentially a completely lazy day – I mean; I did do laundry and started decorating for Christmas (no judgement) but beyond that, I really did a whole lot of nothing. I finished the second season of Stranger Things and started watching The Good Place. I felt like I needed to do…something…as the afternoon wore on and I knew that my dog would absolutely love taking a quick trip to the Arboretum!

The Virginia State Arboretum is a quick less than ten minute ride from our house and they have a huge grove of Gingko Biloba trees that turn an absolutely gorgeous gold and I’ve managed to catch them every year…but this year…not quite. However, the ground under the bare trees was carpeted in gold and that alone was pretty impressive in and of itself.

We wandered all over the area and I was amazed by how thick the leaves were. Watson could not believe that there were so many leaves to sniff and paw under and investigate and he was thoroughly intrigued by every minute of our exploration of the field of golden leaves…

The one thing he wasn’t as interested in? Taking pictures with me, ha-ha!


We also drove over to Long Branch Plantation to check out the trees lining the driveway and noticed a wedding was being held – outside! I should mention; this was at 2:30 in the afternoon and it was only 34, the wedding hadn’t started yet…so I can’t imagine how chilly it might have been once that wedding got underway! Brrr!

We spent our evening taking some brisk strolls around the neighborhood and watching some movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It was nice to have a lazy Saturday after six weeks of having something to do and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Sunday was another fairly relaxing day – I discovered that I have way too many Christmas ornaments, ha-ha! I spent most of the morning and early afternoon doing a lot of nothing – I’m still hunting for a church home and I’m not fond of visiting churches on my own.

Later on Sunday afternoon, I went to visit my friend Melissa and meet her new baby girl, Harper!


I got plenty of wonderful baby snuggles and had such a good time catching up with Melissa. I even managed to coax a smile or two out or Harper before it was all said and done and after a couple hours of conversation and baby cuddles, I headed back home!

I ended my Sunday with a couple Outlander episodes, a burrito bowl for supper and the penultimate episode of Poldark before climbing into bed for the night! How do weekends always pass so quickly?

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