October Amusements

Just like that – there are only two months (less than two months now) left in 2017. How in the world does time pass so quickly?


Books I Couldn’t Put Down

Modern Real Estate Practice/Virginia Real Estate Practice & Law – Honestly; I couldn’t put these down because I had to study them all month long! It certainly wasn’t anything especially riveting but I guess if you want to sell houses, you also have to know about appurtenances, easements, leases, liens…and the list goes on and on…

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin – The third book in the A Song of Ice & Fire series; I’m over halfway done with my reread…and this book was always my favorite of the five that have been published so far…

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin – The fourth book in the A Song of Ice & Fire series; working my way through the reread and this book is; if I remember, my least favorite. That might be different this time around…

Books on the Shelf

I still have a whole bookshelf of books that need to be read…and here I am, over here re-reading things that I’ve already read more than once! Honestly; with all the real estate related reading this month, the only other thing I read was the chapter or two of A Song of Ice & Fire before bed at night. October wasn’t really the month for starting new books…then again, it seems like the past few months haven’t really been the time to start new books.

Must See TV

Outlander – The one show I made sure not to miss all month long was Outlander; it’s too good to miss. October finally saw Jamie and Claire reunited (hallelujah) and let’s be honest; the adventures are always better when they’re together. The show still has a good month and half and six episodes to go; I can’t wait to watch more of the story unfold!

Image result for outlander season 3

I am still playing catch up on both This Is Us and Scandal; of course two of the few shows I watch come on each week on Tuesday and Thursday night and so the episodes have really piled up! I’ll be honest, I don’t have as much This Is Us to catch up on as I do Scandal…I haven’t even started the final season of Scandal yet! Oops!

Movies of the Month

I finally went to the movies! Not to see any of the movies on my list…but hey – I went to the movies!

Victoria and Abdul – This movie somehow missed my list but tells the true story of Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim; an Indian man brought to the UK to serve at the Queen’s Jubilee celebration. Abdul caught the attention of the Queen and the two formed a close friendship that was looked down on by almost all the members of the Queen’s household. The story of Victoria and Abdul’s friendship only came to light in 2010 and the film is intriguing, touching and at times even heart-breaking. Definitely worth catching!

Image result for victoria & abdul

Tasty Treats

Well…October was my birthday month, so of course there was some cake! I went out twice at Regions 117; both were celebratory meals, at the start of the month I celebrated my birthday and at the end of the month I celebrated passing my real estate test(s). I was introduced to Roger’s Chocolates and its a good thing I don’t live in Canada because access to that chocolate would become a real hazard… And of course, you can never skip out on Starbuck’s seasonal drinks – I love the Maple Pecan Latte; especially chilled!


Dirty John – A podcast that I devoured while riding to and from the office and class each week; it tells the true crime story of John Meehan and Debra Newell. It’s intriguing and addicting and I found myself taking the longer route home more than once to catch just a few more minutes of the podcast. If you’re interest in checking it out, it’s called Dirty John and is on iTunes. You can also read the LA Time write up (and listen to the podcast) here: http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-dirty-john/

Beyond that, I was just listening to classical/soundtrack music throughout the day at work. Nothing too varied, ha-ha!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Visiting Mississippi – The whole family is Mississippi bound for a long weekend at the beginning of November; I think if I remember correctly, I haven’t been to Mississippi since March of 2016. It will be good to see my sweet Nanny and catch up with friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. My little sister will be there too (of course) and I always love time spent with my sister!

A Week with the Little Sister (and family) – My younger sister will be home for a week and then some for Thanksgiving and…as I mentioned above, I do love being able to spend time with my sister. We always manage to have fun when we are together whether we are doing something or nothing at all.

Tea – While my sister is home, one of the somethings that we will be doing is going to tea at one of our favorite places: The Coach and Horses Tea Room! This little tea room is located in a historic house and they serve the best, handmade and homemade scones, salads and soups and a veritable tea feast…and their list of teas is outstanding! Just thinking about our visit makes my mouth water!

Thanksgiving – What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? Spending time with family, sleeping in and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, cooking and eating delicious food…I cannot wait for Thanksgiving to arrive again!

Weekends – As silly and stupid as this may sound…I’m so excited to have my weekends back! Granted; in my typical fashion, I already have plans for the first three weekends of the month but I’m most excited because the plans don’t involve sitting in a classroom!

Oh yeah…and one other thing that’s ever so slightly important…and is something I look forward to all year, every year…but I really ramp up the excitement as soon as November 1st arrives…

Image result for Christmas

Only 52 days until Christmas!

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