Six on Saturday…or Something Like That 

Well – it’s Saturday night and I obviously completely bailed on Five on Friday yesterday. I did it somewhat on purpose because for the past month my life has been pretty much taken up with all things real estate. I decided the week before October started that since the class quite literally started on the eve of my 33rd birthday – it was pretty providential that I take the plunge and give the class a try. And so…I’ve been up to my neck in liens, encumbrances, leases, right-to-sell listings, Fair Housing Act…the list goes on and on…

Let’s get back to the Six Things on this Saturday…

One. Real Estate Realization – We’ll start with the best news of the day! My Tuesdays and Thursdays this past month have been long days…as soon as I left work, I scarfed down supper and sat in real estate class from 6:00 – 10:00. Every Saturday I sipped my coffee and then set off to sit in class from 9:00 – 5:00…and today was the final day of class. I took a National real estate test and a Virginia real estate test – and hallelujah – I passed both!

There are still a few more steps to getting my real estate license – I’ve got to go to a testing center and take the computerized test(s) – but I’ve cleared the first hurdle and so I’m celebrating!

Two. Roger’s Chocolates – I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Canada (I have once) but recently my parents visited Canada and discovered what might be the best thing about Canada. Roger’s Chocolates! You guys – this is some of the best chocolate that I have ever tasted in my life. I think I’ll be planning a trip to Canada soon…if only to get some Roger’s Chocolates!


Three. Halloween Preparation – I can’t believe that Halloween is this Tuesday! Granted; the entire month of October seems like it has passed in a blur, something to do with the real estate class…no doubt. Way back when I interviewed for my job, my office manager asked how I felt about Halloween costumes…and she jokes now that I said I thought they were great and that’s why she hired me, ha-ha! The three of us dress up every year and we’ve been planning this year’s costumes for a few months… I’ll reveal it in full on Halloween, but here’s a teaser…


Four. Treats Not Tricks – As a Halloween treat, Perfectly Posh is doing a Treats Not Tricks Mystery Bag! The bag is guaranteed to have $50 worth of product for just $39 and will include best sellers alongside hard to find items. I grabbed myself the Basic Witch and Boo Who! mystery bags and I can’t wait to see what goodies they’ll have inside! If you’d like to join in the mystery, it’s limited and of course…only around until the mystery bags are gone or Halloween ends, whichever comes first. Grab yours at and get in on the mystery!

Five. Fall Snapshots – The leaves are finally turning here and just this week the temperature took a definite turn toward chilly…which I love! I also love snapping pictures of anything and everything Fall related. So of course, I’ve taken more than one picture of trees and leaves and all that jazz…

Six. It’s Saturday Night – And so now I’m going to sign off, snuggle into my Snoopy pajama pants and enjoy the rest of my evening…

That’s not really a sixth thing…but oh well – it counts for me, ha-ha!

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