Scenes from A Weekend

Another weekend come and gone – and my Monday was sort of a whirlwind too – so here I am on Tuesday finally getting some words on the page! This post will likely be short and sweet, because I didn’t do a whole lot this past weekend…so there isn’t much to report!

I’d had big plans to go see Professor Marston & the Wonder Women on Friday night with my friend Danielle but I decided on Friday morning that my time would probably be better spent studying for the quiz scheduled in my real estate course on Saturday…


That’s how I ended up spending my Friday night studying real estate and finishing my last piece of birthday cake – with a very needy dog begging and crying for just a little bite of cake. It certainly wasn’t an action packed or entertaining Friday night – but I was able to get in the studying that I needed to do…and there was cake, so that’s good!

Saturday was spent; for the most part, in class. I did alright on my quiz but it would seem that I studied things that were stressed as “important” and then they didn’t show up on the quiz. Huh? All things considered, it’s nothing that I’m stressing out about too much but when the sun finally came out around 3:00…after being behind clouds for quite literally the entire week, I couldn’t wait to get out of class!


Saturday evening I opened up the door to the deck, pulled the cover off the deck furniture and decided it would be really soothing to cook up a pot of soup… I wasn’t sure what all was in the pantry/refrigerator but I put some potatoes, a can of cream corn, some diced ham and milk together with butter, flour, seasonings and cheddar cheese and whipped up a pretty delicious potato soup. Watson – of course – sat and cried for bites the entire time I ate it! Little stinker!

I spend Saturday evening finally watching a movie I’d had on my Amazon watch list for ages – The Dressmaker – and honestly; not even Kate Winslet could save this movie. It was so odd and at times just downright depressing. I thought half a hundred times about just cutting it off, but I finished it and moved on.

After sleeping in on Sunday, Watson and I set out to walk the neighborhood and it was much warmer than I’d anticipated – which meant that the jacket I had on was completely unnecessary and by the time we returned to the house, I was melting! After a quick lunch and greeting my parents when they returned from a week in the Pacific Northwest, I headed up the mountainside to see my friend Katie and her sweet baby boy for some snuggles!


He has the most amazing head of hair I’ve ever seen on a 6 week old baby – it’s fantastic! We chatted and I snuggled the baby for a couple hours before I headed back down the mountain to have pizza for supper with my parents. I passed the rest of the evening doing some reading for my real estate class, chatting with my Mom and watching Poldark.

And since it’s already Tuesday – a picture from Monday morning, sipping coffee out of my brand new “You Are Here” mug from Seattle and the very first Starbucks!

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is filled with good coffee, good time with friends and family and my brain taking in all the knowledge of real estate that I need to know this week!


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