Five on Friday

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I have never been so happy to see Friday in all my life. This week has been – for lack of a better way to put it – a bit hellacious. Apparently hellacious isn’t actually a word because my spell check is freaking out – but it’s the best word I can think of to describe the past few days…

Hectic would also be a good way to put it. Either way you want to word it, I’m so glad it’s Friday and even if I do have to spend a portion of tonight studying and most of my Saturday in class…there is down time in there and Sunday is pretty much free to me in it’s entirety. So – welcome weekend – I’m so glad you’re here!

Five on Friday

One. Nationals Baseball – Well let’s get the sadness out of the way…my beloved Nationals bit the dust in game five of the NLDS play-offs yet again this year, beat by the reigning World Series champs the Chicago Cubs. Game five of the series was at Nationals Park and ended in heartbreak once again for the Nationals. The season was so much fun and I hate that yet again the Nationals couldn’t pull off the win when they needed it…but I’m a fan till I die and I’ll be counting down the days until the 2018 season begins.

However – I’m beginning to believe that there might be something to this whole DC Sports Curse…

Two. The Countdown is On – That’s right folks; we are into the double digits on the countdown to Disney World! Only 83 days to go before I’m walking down Main Street, slurping on a Dole Whip and speeding around on the Seven Dwarf Mine Train! I cannot wait to start 2018 (sort of) in the happiest place on Earth!


Three. Have I Mentioned – My little sister is home again and I’m still pretty happy about that. I went more into detail in yesterday’s post but I’m still feeling so much excitement knowing she is stateside once more!


Four. October Posh – That’s right; I’m pushing my business on my blog, how do you like that? Perfectly Posh has so many great deals throughout the year and the deal for October is really a classic! If you purchase any one of Posh’s legacy products during the month of October, you’ll get $6 off your order! I’m a big fan of Posh’s The Healer skin stick and I love the lip balms – they’re amazing and I always have one on hand! And I’ve heard rave reviews about The Stripper body mud…but I haven’t gotten myself any of that quite yet!


If you’re interested in Perfectly Posh and want to save $6, check out my site: and look around!

Five. Weekend Plans – Can I get a hallelujah for the weekend? Yes! I had all kinds of plans but I’ve slowly trimmed them back because I am a responsible adult and decided I’d better do a bit more studying and a little less socializing. *sigh* Tis true. I decided to wait until next weekend to see Professor Marston & the Wonder Women and spend tonight studying for my quiz tomorrow…if you’re a praying person, feel free to say a prayer for me!

I’ll be in my real estate class for most of Saturday and I haven’t decided yet where I want to grab lunch from (so exciting…right?) but I’ll probably relax and watch a movie on Saturday night! Sunday I’m going to spend some time with my friend Katie and her sweet baby boy (this was the plan last weekend but it fell through…) and probably spend some time outdoors with my sweet pup. I’m sure the weekend will fly by – it always does – but it hasn’t even started yet, so here’s to enjoying it while it lasts!


Something tells me that sweet boy will have changed so much since I saw him last… *sigh*

And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend; fingers crossed that next week is less of a hot mess than this week was, am I right?



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