The Birthday Princess Hits the Books

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Well – another weekend come and gone. Why do the weekends always pass so quickly? Friday dawned not quiet so bright but certainly earlier than I’d have liked; then again, I love to sleep…so that should never be a surprise.

When I got to work on Friday – which was also my birthday – my friends Meridith and Danielle had disappeared into the conference room for reasons I wasn’t too sure of. It turns out that; as they said, I’m basically a Disney princess and so I needed some decorations to go with my birthday celebration.

There were wonderful gifts, a castle on the marker board and a sign that said Birthday Princess smack dab in the middle of a jar of Jordan almonds. A lovely way to start the day and what was even more lovely was that we got to head out from work early on Friday – what a nice birthday present!

Another fun part of the birthday? I brought my sweet pup to work with me and he wandered the office; mostly visiting people with food and the intern named Nathan. I guess since Nathan was the only other male in the office, he felt like they had common ground? Regardless of what his goofy puppy reasonings were, he set up shop in the back office later in the day – because I guess he thought he needed his own office to work from?

And yes – we definitely have a golf green in the middle of the hall at present…that’s my hole in one too!

If you’d like to imagine that I did something fantastic with my extra hours at home on my birthday – you are more than welcome to, ha-ha! I actually went home and immediately put on shorts and shirt that did not have any black on it – because it’s been unseasonably warm and I was burning up in my black jeans and top! I honestly spent the next couple hours poking around on my new laptop (thank you sweet parents!) and watching a couple episodes of New Girl on Netflix (season four). It may not sound crazy fantastic but it was to me. It’s the little things – honestly.

Around 6:30 Friday night, my friend Jennie came over and we went to Regions 117 for my birthday dinner – which was delicious! We started the meal with some fried pickles and while they were tasty, I still think there is just something so good about the fried pickles at the Alamo…I’m not sure what it is, but they are the best! Our intern assured me that calories don’t count on your birthday and so I took that to heart and got the handmade tagliatelle with alfredo sauce, sun dried tomatoes and chicken – and it was delicious.

Continuing the splurge, I got a tasty Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned that was good…but not quite as maple-y as I’d hoped. And for the grand finale, I had a S’mores Sundae that was absolutely to die for. Chocolate ice cream, crushed graham crackers, chocolate sauce and blackened marshmallows. Yes please – so delicious! After dinner, I went home and did some really wild living to celebrate thirty-three – I took a bubble bath and went to bed! Ha!

Saturday was pretty much taken up by my real estate class – which will be taking up the whole of my Saturdays in October. I spent my lunch break at Panera, sitting in the sunshine and sipping some lemonade. It’s amazing how slowly some portions of my class passed and how quickly the day seemed to pass – I felt like I blinked and Saturday evening had arrived – but I felt like I hadn’t accomplished much.

I had dinner and got in some exercise before watching the Nationals rally back to beat the Cubs 6-3 in the second game of the NLDS. I also finally watched the movie Passengers and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. Regardless, I went to bed happy knowing my Nats had pulled out a win!

I have never been so happy to not have an alarm as I was on Sunday morning – it was glorious! I sipped my coffee and watched the newest episode of Outlander before getting in my exercise for the day. I spent most of the day just being lazy – I did a couple things around the house and watched some more New Girl…but nothing too exciting.

Shortly after lunch, I made a trip to Target and just enjoyed perusing the aisles and checking out all the Fall clothes and handbags and shoes and Halloween decorations… I ended up getting a couple Fall wardrobe items but happily, they were bought with a birthday gift card! It’s always nice to buy things on someone else’s dime, ha-ha!

I grabbed my free birthday Starbucks and sipped it on the ride home. I passed Sunday evening with some reading, relaxing and watching the newest episode of Poldark. I’m always surprised by how quickly the weekend passes – I guess I shouldn’t be by now, but oh well!

Another lovely weekend in the books and we’re on to the second week of October!

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