The Season – in Pictures 

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Another baseball season has come…and well; not really gone, not yet. Not quite. The regular season ended on Sunday, October 1st and the post season begins (for the Nationals) on Friday, October 6th (good day…great day even). As I wait for the post season to begin, I thought I’d look back at the games I attended during the 2017 season.

A look back at Nationals baseball, through my lens…from April to October!

April 11, 2017 – Blossoms & Baseball; played the St. Louis Cardinals & the Nationals won! The first game I was able to attend in the 2017 season, just seven games into the start of the season!


April 14, 2017 – Daniel Murphy Bobblehead; played the Philadelphia Phillies and the Nationals won behind a walk off from none other than Daniel Murphy!


May 3, 2017 – the Nationals played the Arizona Diamondbacks and won; the only Nationals game Lindsey was able to attend this season, courtesy of her all expense paid “vacation” from the Air Force!


May 27, 2017 – Star Wars Day; the Nationals played the San Diego Padres and won! This is the third annual Star Wars Day at Nationals Park and so far I can say I’ve been to all three! Love it! Stephen Strasburg pitched and the Force was obviously strong with him – he recorded a career high 15 strikeouts; the game was incredible, in spite of the intermittent rain!


June 11, 2017 – The Nationals played the Texas Rangers…and sadly didn’t get the win. However, Max Scherzer recorded his 2,000th strikeout as an MLB player – so that was a fun milestone to witness!


June 23, 2017 – Game of Thrones Night at Nationals Park; played the Cincinnati Reds and the Nationals won! Danielle went to the game with me, we barely arrived in time to get our t-shirts…but we thankfully didn’t have to wait long to sit on the Iron Throne. There were White Walkers on K Street (section 108) and when the Reds struck out, the loud speaker played “shame…shame…shame…”


July 4, 2017 – The Fourth of July and the Nationals played (and beat) the New York Mets! The game opened with the Army Golden Knights jumping into the park and the Radio City Rockettes did high kicks from the roof of the dugout. Thank goodness we had seats in the shade; July in DC is no joke! No better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with a baseball game in the nation’s capital!


July 29, 2017 – The Nationals played the Colorado Rockies and couldn’t pull out a win. It was Ladies Night at the ballpark and the building across from the park that had once read “Hit It Here, Harper” had a new message… “The 9th is Dark & Full of Terrors”…an obvious pun on the fact that our bullpen was a struggle early in the season!


August 25, 2017 – The Nationals played the New York Mets and sadly couldn’t pull out a win during this game. *sigh* The weather was lovely, the company at the game was pretty cute and it was a lovely way to spend a Friday night…even if there wasn’t a Curly W at the end!


September 16, 2017 – The Nationals played the Los Angeles Dodger (and sadly, lost)… This was the hottest game I went to all year; which is pretty crazy considering it was in mid-September. I finally tried out See You Tater and it was delicious! It was a good afternoon for baseball; especially once the clouds arrived to block out the blaring sun!


October 1, 2017 – The final game of the regular season; the Nationals played the Pittsburgh Pirates and couldn’t pull out a win, try though they may. Happily; the Nationals had already clenched their post season spot way back on September 10th and while a win would have been nice – it wasn’t necessary! The Nationals were already post season bound and playing October baseball for a second year in a row!

The Nationals ended the regular season with a record of 97-65; Stephen Strasburg was named the National League pitcher of the month for September and Sean Doolittle was named the National League reliever of the month for September. And on October 6, the Nationals will start their post season run – I can’t wait!





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