Weekend Things…

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Oh the weekend – it always arrives right on time and usually leaves long before we want it to. Honestly; this week, Friday at 5:00 could not have come any sooner. The final few days of the past week were a handful…to put it nicely.

My parents treated me to dinner at Hunter’s Head Tavern on Friday night as an early birthday celebration and as always, everything was so yummy! I was torn between getting my favorite – the baked macaroni and cheese, or branching out and trying the Chicken Pot Pie. I finally decided to go for something different and the pot pie was delicious; filled with creamy broth, chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots and onions, definitely a good choice! I also had the Anti-Autumn Punch to sip on while I ate…and while I’m anything but anti-Autumn, the punch was pretty delicious!

After having dinner, I requested that we peruse the aisles of Home Goods and Target – I was obviously looking to have a really wild Friday night! Honestly, I just wanted to look at the Halloween decorations at both stores…ha-ha! I ended up grabbing a skull mug at Home Goods and I finally tried an iced Maple Pecan Latte at Starbucks as my “dessert”.

Saturday morning I drank my two cups of coffee, got in my exercise and got ready to head to Culpeper for the afternoon. Culpeper is one of so many small towns in Virginia that seem to thrive on small business and it’s people; the town was filled with unique shops and dining spots and was so charming. We started the afternoon with a late “lunch” at Miss Minerva’s Tea Room.

The tea was delightful and the tomato and red pepper bisque soup topped with dill was divine…although I must admit some of the sandwiches and sweets were less than enchanting. I’m thoroughly spoiled by our local tea room; Coach and Horses, they put on hands down the best tea ever and any tea room would be hard pressed to compete. The experience was still lovely and of course, the sweet people I was having tea with made it all the better. We were stuffed when we left and began perusing the shops up and down the main street.

We found a chocolate shop with the most amazing chocolate creations I’ve ever laid eyes on – the Halloween truffles were so cute that I decided a stop back by the store to get some to go was a must. We also went into a gift shop called Pepperberries that had a little bit of everything and would surely be the best place to get any and every gift you ever wanted. There was a toy store that had toys both old and new – they had the largest collection of Calico Critters that I have ever seen – do you remember those? The toy store also had candy from time long past that you could peruse and purchase – it was a unique spot, to be sure.

We stopped in at a favorite antique store in Sperryville on the way home – the Copper Fox – and grabbed an early dinner at the Headmaster’s Pub before winding through the valley and back home. The Copper Fox is always filled with interesting (if old and musty) things and the food at the Headmaster’s Pub did not disappoint; I had a grilled cheese that was divine! I watched a little football and just generally poked around on Saturday night…

Some pictures from the drive across the mountains…and a couple little things I picked up while in Culpeper… The mountains still take my breath away – so gorgeous!


Sunday morning I got up earlier than I’d intended – but I made good use of my time by catching the new episode of Outlander before getting ready to go into DC for the final Nationals game of the 2017 regular season. Watson is still figuring out the ins and outs of having a fenced in back yard and so he wandered in and out all morning – and while I was sitting at my vanity getting ready, I heard a gentle tapping on my door…and there he sat, waiting patiently to be let into the house. Silly pup!


The weather on Sunday was pretty close to perfection – the high might have hovered around 70 – but our seats at the game were in the shade and by the second inning, I’d put on a jacket! We’d stopped at IHOP en route to DC to grab a late breakfast and so halfway through the game, we also ate an early supper…as you do…

The game was good – although the Nationals didn’t win. Happily, the Nationals have more to play for; the post season starts on Friday, October 6th and so while it would have been nice to see the Nationals get a win – they’ve already gotten the wins they need to advance to the post season – and that’s what matters now. We did get to see a really nice three run home run from Anthony Rendon in the first inning…and some great plays besides… I think all the players are ready to start playing in the post season though.

After the drive home, I relaxed a bit, had Watson try on his Halloween costume (he looks so cute!) and put a new comforter on my bed before crawling in that bed, reading a couple chapters of my book and getting some sleep. And now – another week is in progress and life rolls on, with memories made doing weekend things!

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