Boo Y’all!

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It’s Halloween and so I thought I’d do a spooky little Q&A on this creepy holiday!

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  1. Favorite Horror or Halloween-themed song – Thriller! Nothing better than that!
  2. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building – I wouldn’t want to run into anything or anyone in a dark forest or abandoned building…that’s why I generally avoid dark forests and abandoned buildings…ha-ha!
  3. Favorite Halloween movie – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Image result for it's the great pumpkin charlie brown
  4. Favorite Horror Monster or Villain – Dracula!
  5. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it – Never in a million years…I mean; at least, not by myself. I don’t know…
  6. Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision – Sure…don’t we all?
  7. Do you prefer thrillers or gore – Thrillers…I don’t do all that blood and guts
  8. Do you get scared easily – Oh yes. I’m a pretty big pansy…it doesn’t take much to freak me out!
  9. Have you ever played Bloody Mary – Only once and I won’t do it again because it creeped me out!
  10. If you could only wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would it be – Hmmm…something comfortable but timeless…I’m not sure…
  11. Would you ever go to a graveyard at night – No, I don’t think I would…Image result for graveyard
  12. In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice – I feel like a bow & arrow would be the best option..or some kind of gun. A knife really requires you to be much too close…
  13. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating – Can’t I just do both?
  14. You’re in a Horror movie…are you the last one alive, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one or the killer – As much as I’d like to be the last one alive, I’d probably be the comic relief and I’d end up dead well before the movie ended…Image result for horror movie
  15. Do you have to watch something sweet after watching something scary – Not normally…I just go to bed; it’s not usually that big of a deal.
  16. Favorite scary movie – Crimson PeakImage result for crimson peak
  17. Favorite scary book – The Ruins
  18. How old were you when you saw your first horror movie – Well into my teenage years; no one in my family is really that interested in horror movies and so I think I probably watched Scream at a sleepover when I was in high school…
  19. First Halloween costume – My first Halloween I was only three weeks old…so apparently I went as myself; ha-ha! My first actual costume was a little clown and I won first place in the costume contest & made the front page of the paper!
  20. What are you going to be for Halloween this year – Cersei Lannister

Happy Halloween y’all!




The Last Weekend of October

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Well – what do you know? The month of October is practically gone and I feel like it passed way too quickly… Granted; when I look back on the past month, it also seems like it was long. How does that work exactly?

There is no way to sort out how time moves both fast and slow… My weekend started early; our office closed up at 3:00 and I was home by 3:30, where I found my dog being an absolute bum out in the sunshine. He didn’t even have the energy (or desire, ha-ha) to get up off his furry bum to come say hello to me – he was much too happy to be lying in the sunshine to be bothered with me.

I’d love to say my Friday night was riveting and exciting – but it definitely wasn’t. The luxury of getting off work early meant I could immediately hop on the elliptical and so I got my exercise out of the way and then joined my dog on the deck to start the night’s real work: studying! I read and reviewed a few chapters on the deck before it got too chilly and then I took a break to have supper.

I spent most of the rest of the evening poring over my National and Virginia real estate books and reviewing my completed quizzes in hopes that anything that hadn’t already taken root inside my head would latch on, ha-ha! Watson was sort of moral support…if you call sleeping on and off in his bed in the corner of the living room being supportive!

Saturday morning, I was up before 7:00…even though I didn’t have to be. I know it was nerves because Saturday was the day I had to take the “big” tests at the end of my month long real estate course. All the Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturdays spent sitting in the Blue Ridge Association of Realtors office while the sun was shining and people were out doing Autumnal things; it was all coming to the grand finale. I was a bit panicky all week leading up to the test and came close to having a full on meltdown when our instructor introduced math problems the Tuesday before the big test on Saturday…

For this reason – my parents were kind enough to literally lay hands on me and pray before I headed out the door on Saturday morning. Well…my Mom laid her hand on my head and my Dad kept shifting and wiggling around so much that he ended up pulling my hair and elbowing me…ha-ha!

The class was meant to be a review for the AM portion and testing for the PM portion – and although the instructor asked that we not pose questions as he tried to rapidly review all twenty-two chapters in the National book and then go over ALL of the Virginia book as well. I ordered Rapid Pick-Up from Panera to be ready at 12:05…and well…the road to hell is paved with good intentions, you know? The review (impeded by one person who continued to ask questions…) didn’t end until 1:15 and by then; happily my parents had rescued my food from Panera and met me in the parking lot to have lunch…and for me to have a mild panic attack.

I ate my broccoli cheddar soup and tried to get it together enough to be calm…and I returned to take my test; not entirely that much calmer, but with a sort of “just do it” attitude. I was the first person to complete both of my tests and while a part of me was surprised by that…another part wasn’t. As long as I can remember, when taking tests I’d choose the answer that seemed most accurate and then later I’d come back and change it – second guessing myself and usually getting the answer wrong – when that answer I first chose was the right answer.

I told myself I’d choose the first answer and stick with it – no going back. You see…in all five quizzes leading up to these tests, I’d done that very thing and missed answers. So, I just started taking that test and didn’t look back…and thank goodness I did! I finished the tests, went around the corner and passed them off to my instructor and within three minutes or so – three of the longest and most nerve-wracking minutes of my life – he told me I’d passed both tests! I had to try pretty hard not to scream because I was so excited but I thanked my instructor, accepted the handout for questions best to ask when looking for a broker to work with and the instructor confirmed he’d send my certificate to me in the mail.

I cried on the way home – happy tears, of course – and called my parents and younger sister to share the good news. The rest of the evening was fairly relaxed. I got in my exercise and watched Hocus Pocus while eating my supper and rounded out the night with a few innings of the World Series. It was amazing though because it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders – no studying to do (for now at least) – and the knowledge that all of my time and studying had paid off!

Sunday morning I slept in and it was glorious…sleeping in is always glorious though, right? After lazily sipping coffee, I joined my parents for church at Virginia Hills Church and then we had a celebratory brunch at Regions 117. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy the food and the environment at Regions 117, every single time I eat there the food is absolutely delicious and Sunday was no exception! We shared an order of Apple Cider Donuts and I had the French Toast with Blueberries and Cream Sauce – which was to die for!

It poured all day Sunday…so after church and brunch, I settled in to watch Outlander and then went to the movies. I mean; what else are you supposed to do when it’s raining outside? Victoria and Abdul was the movie of choice and it was so very good! After some evening exercise and delicious vegetable beef soup for supper, I watched the newest episode of Poldark before turning in for the night.

The weekend seems like it flew by – but almost all weekend feels that way; at least to me. This week is a three day work week before an extended weekend in Mississippi for my cousin’s wedding and catching up with old friends. I can’t believe by the time this week is halfway over, it will be November!

This year is flying by and the holiday season is knocking at the door. As fast as I feel like this year has gone, I have no doubt that the rest of the year will speed by ever faster because it seems like once November, Thanksgiving and all things Christmas arrive…time absolutely flies!

Six on Saturday…or Something Like That 

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Well – it’s Saturday night and I obviously completely bailed on Five on Friday yesterday. I did it somewhat on purpose because for the past month my life has been pretty much taken up with all things real estate. I decided the week before October started that since the class quite literally started on the eve of my 33rd birthday – it was pretty providential that I take the plunge and give the class a try. And so…I’ve been up to my neck in liens, encumbrances, leases, right-to-sell listings, Fair Housing Act…the list goes on and on…

Let’s get back to the Six Things on this Saturday…

One. Real Estate Realization – We’ll start with the best news of the day! My Tuesdays and Thursdays this past month have been long days…as soon as I left work, I scarfed down supper and sat in real estate class from 6:00 – 10:00. Every Saturday I sipped my coffee and then set off to sit in class from 9:00 – 5:00…and today was the final day of class. I took a National real estate test and a Virginia real estate test – and hallelujah – I passed both!

There are still a few more steps to getting my real estate license – I’ve got to go to a testing center and take the computerized test(s) – but I’ve cleared the first hurdle and so I’m celebrating!

Two. Roger’s Chocolates – I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Canada (I have once) but recently my parents visited Canada and discovered what might be the best thing about Canada. Roger’s Chocolates! You guys – this is some of the best chocolate that I have ever tasted in my life. I think I’ll be planning a trip to Canada soon…if only to get some Roger’s Chocolates!


Three. Halloween Preparation – I can’t believe that Halloween is this Tuesday! Granted; the entire month of October seems like it has passed in a blur, something to do with the real estate class…no doubt. Way back when I interviewed for my job, my office manager asked how I felt about Halloween costumes…and she jokes now that I said I thought they were great and that’s why she hired me, ha-ha! The three of us dress up every year and we’ve been planning this year’s costumes for a few months… I’ll reveal it in full on Halloween, but here’s a teaser…


Four. Treats Not Tricks – As a Halloween treat, Perfectly Posh is doing a Treats Not Tricks Mystery Bag! The bag is guaranteed to have $50 worth of product for just $39 and will include best sellers alongside hard to find items. I grabbed myself the Basic Witch and Boo Who! mystery bags and I can’t wait to see what goodies they’ll have inside! If you’d like to join in the mystery, it’s limited and of course…only around until the mystery bags are gone or Halloween ends, whichever comes first. Grab yours at and get in on the mystery!

Five. Fall Snapshots – The leaves are finally turning here and just this week the temperature took a definite turn toward chilly…which I love! I also love snapping pictures of anything and everything Fall related. So of course, I’ve taken more than one picture of trees and leaves and all that jazz…

Six. It’s Saturday Night – And so now I’m going to sign off, snuggle into my Snoopy pajama pants and enjoy the rest of my evening…

That’s not really a sixth thing…but oh well – it counts for me, ha-ha!

Why Do Weekends Pass So Quickly?

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How is it Monday again? This weekend passed in an absolute blur; the month of October seems to be passing in a blur, and something tells me it’s got a lot to do with the real estate class that is taking up so much of my time! All in an effort to bring about new and good change in my life – to be sure – but spending every Saturday of the month in class, whoosh!


The dog-o was definitely not feeling it on Friday morning – the only thing he was interested in was getting himself situated as close to the fire as possible. As the weather starts to (finally) cool off, Watson can most often be found snuggled as close to the fireplace as possible and most mornings he is definitely not interested in taking a walk outside – because that means he has to get out of his bed!

I spent my Friday evening taking my Dad out to dinner (so sweet, I know…ha-ha!), studying for my real estate class and catching up on the most recent episodes of This Is Us. I am so looking forward to the Saturday in November when I can sleep in – which is pretty funny because I’m not really a late sleeper anyway… Alas, it’s not yet November and so sleeping late wasn’t on the agenda on Saturday.


I; of course, had class from 9:00 – 5:00 on Saturday. I sipped coffee and learned about leases. My Dad met me for lunch at Panera and of course; because I’m required to be indoors almost all day, every Saturday has been gorgeous this month! I enjoyed sitting outside for lunch and we left the door open for class in the afternoon. Once I got home, we had grilled burgers for dinner…which of course made Watson stalk the table to ensure he got a bite (or two).


He’s not spoiled rotten guys – not at all, ha-ha! Watson and I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and snacked on peanuts…although Watson was more interested in the adventures of eating all the peanuts than he was in the adventures of Jack Skellington. He buried his face into the empty peanut can to lick every last drop of peanut dust…

Watson also spent a large portion of Saturday night napping…and I caught a pretty funny picture when he woke suddenly out of a dead sleep…ha-ha!


Sunday morning I woke up WAY too early…and immediately decided I’d watch Outlander because I just couldn’t possibly wait any longer for the reunion episode. It was spectacular – of course, ha-ha! I joined my Dad for church – we are all still kind of shopping around for a new church in the area – and then we had lunch at Applebee’s.

Watson also finally seems to be doing “outdoor” things in the backyard…


The weather was pretty gorgeous on Sunday afternoon and so we went over to the Virginia State Arboretum, which is certainly one of Watson’s favorite places. They have a grove of Gingko Biloba trees that turn the most amazing shade of yellow when Autumn arrives – they haven’t quite turned yet, but I plan to keep an eye on them and get some pictures when they turn. We walked around just a bit and Watson had a grand time…

Another stop we made was at Long Branch Plantation – my Mom and I used to attend a monthly book club here that was so much fun, but the plantation is under a different management and they do very little with the plantation, so far as I can see… It’s still gorgeous though…


We perused the grounds – they are open from dawn to dusk – and saw almost no one. It seemed like we had the place to ourselves and we were able to snap pictures here and there…until I saw some guys climbing up the back driveway with three huge dogs – not a single one on a leash. We decided that might be our clue to head out – we’d already been there about twenty minutes and so we headed back to the car.

The views from Long Branch are pretty spectacular – but yet again this year, the trees in the mountains seem almost scorched from the late Autumn heatwave and the color is less vibrant and more muted. The mountain views are still incredible though…

We stopped on our way out so my Dad could snap some pictures of the horses gathered near the fence – and my dog absolutely flipped out as soon as my Dad got near the horses! I know my dog is fiercely protective of his people and I guess he thought that the horses were going to make a meal of my Dad. I calmed him down but he was so uneasy until my Dad was back in the car with us. Such a silly pup!

I spent the rest of my evening reading, cleaning around my little home, having some leftover soup for supper and generally just getting ready for the week ahead. I closed my night (and my weekend) watching Poldark and texting throughout the episode with my “little sister” McKenna all the while. It’s our weekly tradition, ha-ha!

And now – the week begins anew…





Five on Friday 

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Friday – the day of the week we all look forward to – right? Another week has come and gone and so once more, it’s time for this week’s edition of Five on Friday! I’m going to theme this week’s post around Perfectly Posh! I know some people shy away from sharing too much about a “business” venture on their blog – but being a consultant for Perfectly Posh is part of who I am – so I’m going to go ahead and share all things Posh with you today…

Five on Friday

One. Spooky Posh – Halloween is less than two weeks away…I don’t know if I even believe it! If one of your favorite things about Autumn and Halloween is all things pumpkin, then Spooky Posh is definitely for you! Carved for Attention Body Butter is so creamy and smooth – it goes on and rubs in without any greasy residue – like all of Posh’s body butters. The smell is amazing…like a hazelnut and pumpkin Fall candle for your skin! Boo Yeah Triple Pumpkin Facial Cleanser has three types of pumpkin and kaolin clay with a light cranberry smell to lighten and brighten your skin. I love both of these products and if you love all things Fall – grab yourself one of each before they’re gone!

Two. October Giveaways – October is the perfect month to place a Perfectly Posh order…and most especially between now and October 24th! Each day through October 24th, every order of $50 (before tax & shipping) will receive a free gift added to your order…and each day, the free gift will be new! Today’s free gift is You’ve Got It Glowing On Primer…and who knows what tomorrow’s will be? Either way – if you’re looking to stock up on some Posh, grab it now and get yourself a free gift!


Three. Holiday Posh – I know…I know…I just mentioned that Halloween is right around the corner, but you know what’s not far behind Halloween? Christmas and the whole holiday season that comes with it! Earlier this week, Perfectly Posh released two new holiday products and I can’t wait to get my hands on both – my order shipped yesterday! The Holly Jolly Chunk is pomegranate, citrus and mango butter and I’ve heard the smell is absolutely delightful. I absolutely love a Chunk; they are moisturizing, gigantic and amazing…they last so much longer than your average bar of soap…the Chunk is definitely the gateway drug of Perfectly Posh, ha-ha! The Nice Ice Glittery Skin Stick has a yummy peppermint and vanilla scent and actually has glitter and shimmer – a perfect addition to your holiday party routine; it can be smoothed onto your eyes, cheeks and collarbone to add scent and shimmer! And because it’s made with shea butter, it will also keep your skin smooth and nourished during the chilly Winter months!

Four. Vial – Another upcoming Perfectly Posh product that I cannot wait to get my hands on is Vial; our new lip stain product arriving next week! Vial is all natural, made with green chemistry and nourishes your lips while providing vibrant color. Vial is applied with a primer first/stain second that allows for long lasting color – you can also top the color with gloss, but it’s not a requirement. The product will sell in a three product container – you can choose primer/color/gloss or primer/two colors for $49 – and later in the month of November, individual colors will be available for $18 a piece. I can’t wait!


Five. Classics – Another great reason October is the perfect month to try out Perfectly Posh; whether you’re trying for the first time or a long time buyer trying a new product, the Classics Promotion! All month long, if you purchase one of Perfectly Posh’s classic products and use the code SAVESIX at checkout, you’ll get $6 off your order! A few of my favorite classic products are The Healer and Perk skin sticks, all of the lip balms and BFF: Best Face Forever Daily Face Wash! What’s not to love about getting $6 off your order?


I absolutely love being a Perfectly Posh independent consultant – I love the products we sell and I love the company. I like knowing that the products are all natural, spa quality and never tested on animals and everything is under $25. We all deserve to be pampered and with Perfectly Posh, it’s affordable and good for you too!

If you’d like to check out Perfectly Posh, be sure to check out my site at  – I’m certain you’ll find your new favorite product!