Five on Friday

Friday is here once more – oh happy day! Let’s get to five things on my mind this Friday; the last Friday for the month of September!

Five on Friday

One. Fall Weather – It has been unseasonably warm for the past two weeks…it even topped out at 90 on Wednesday! No thank you! It finally cooled off yesterday and the weekend ahead is looking more like Fall with highs in the lower 70’s/upper 60’s and lows at night getting into the 40’s! I even had to bust out my windbreaker last night while eating supper on the deck!


Two. The Weekend of Natalie – Sound a bit self absorbed? I promise; that’s not the intention. I’ve just decided that since my family will be out of town the weekend of my birthday (it’s next Friday…) that this weekend we can celebrate. So I’ve made all the plans for the weekend, ha-ha! Okay – maybe it’s a little self absorbed, but you only have one birthday a year!

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Three. Hunter’s Head & Afternoon Tea – We are heading over to Upperville, a teeny town about thirty minutes from home to have dinner tonight. The tavern has been around since 1750 and began as a log cabin; it has grown from there and is an authentic English Pub. I have never had a bad meal at Hunter’s Head and I can’t wait for supper!


We’re going over to Culpeper, VA on Saturday to explore the small town and have afternoon tea. I’ve never been to Culpeper but it looks like a unique small town and the weather on Saturday is supposed to be gorgeous and COOL – so I can’t wait!

Four. The Final Regular Season Game – Sunday is the Nationals final regular season game and of course, I’ll be in the stands! The Nationals will be taking on the Pirates and much like last year’s game, when it’s all said and done…we’ll celebrate the team being the NL East Division Champs, they’ll throw free t-shirts and goodies into the crowd and they’ll do the Jerseys Off Their Backs giveaway – where you can win; you guessed it, the jersey each player wore in the final game. I’ve got my raffle tickets – here’s hoping for a Curly W and maybe a W in the jersey column?

Image result for washington nationals

Five. October – The first of my favorite three months of the year starts on Sunday! I love all things Autumn and October really kicks that off…and it also kicks off the last three months of the year (where has 2017 gone?!?). I love Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then…don’t even get me started on Christmas guys! This October promises to be more hectic than usual but I’m still excited for the last three months of the year! I’m sure I also have a deep love for October because it’s the month I was born…ha-ha!

Image result for October

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and your October gets off to a wonderful start!

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