The Lost Weekend 

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Or as I like to call it – I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend and it was splendid! I had “big” plans to binge through Outlander in preparation for the season three premiere on Sunday night – and I did just that.


I did some other stuff too – like laundry, some house tidying, lots of walks with the dog and of course, exercise and coffee drinking – but mostly, there was the watching of Outlander.


Saturday morning in a moment filled with grace, I crept under the edge of the dining room table to snap the pictures of my goofy dog stretched and contorted between the legs of the table… As I went to get out from under the table, I promptly smacked the center of my head on the underside of the table, knocking over the Autumn decorations on the table, terrifying my dog and causing the headache I’d struggled with for most of Friday evening to return with a vengeance. Good times! Clumsy – thy name is Natalie.

The highlight of the weekend was most definitely going to visit my friend Katie and her brand new, still squeaky fresh and wee little baby boy. I spent almost a full hour and a half just snuggling the precious little guy and it was heavenly. I can’t wait to go back again to get some more snuggles in!


Sunday culminated in…more dog walking, more watching of Outlander and making an exciting trip to Panera to get supper. You know what I discovered? The time when Panera Bread is not busy? It’s at 5:15 on a Sunday evening…the place is like a ghost town! I ended my weekend with the Outlander season 3 premiere and puppy dog cuddles.


The weekend went by pretty quickly – it seems whether you’re doing all the things or doing absolutely nothing – time flies! And now this Monday is almost over too!



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