Five on Friday 

Friday – the sweetest day of the week, right? Okay…maybe Saturday is a little bit better; but I almost always love a Friday! Especially at 5 o’clock! However, before 5 o’clock rolls around…here are five things on my mind today!

Five on Friday

One. Nationals Baseball – September…the time when games can get really important; not that every game played isn’t important, but April baseball is just a little bit different than September baseball! The Nationals have played seven games in seven days and won five of the seven; not bad at all. What’s even better though – the Nationals “magic number” to clinch the National League East Division Title is just FOUR. For the second year in a row, my Nationals are playing for the post-season!


Two. Perfectly Posh Spooky Posh – As I might have mentioned last Friday; I’ve become a Perfectly Posh independent consultant! I have always loved everything I’ve gotten from Posh and I decided to jump in and start selling and so far, things are going well! This week Posh released Spooky Posh – perfectly themed to the Autumn season and perfect for pampering (of course)! This year’s Spooky Posh includes Boo Yeah Pumpkin and Kaolin Clay Facial Cleanser and Carved for Attention Body Butter! If you want to snap some up, visit my site:

It’s only available while supplies last!

Three. Outlander Season Three – Oh my goodness; the third season of Outlander is almost here! My two favorite shows were both delayed this year; while that wasn’t great, what is great is that there was only one weekend between the end of one (Game of Thrones) and the beginning of the other (Outlander). The third season of Outlander will adapt Diana Gabaldon’s third book; Voyager, quite possibly my favorite of the books and I cannot wait to see Sam Heughan and Caitrona Balfe bring the story to life on my TV!

I might be spending my weekend re-watching all of season two in preparation!


Four. Autumn – I read a quote today that said “there are two seasons: Autumn and waiting for Autumn”…and I wholeheartedly agree with that! This week started out rainy and with the rain came…cooler weather! There is a briskness in the air, the apples that fill orchards all over Northern Virginia are ripe for picking and the trees are beginning to turn from bright green to shades of gold, orange, red and purple…and I for one could not be more thrilled. I absolutely love Autumn and can’t wait to start doing things on my Autumn bucket list!


Five. Watson – Because when all else fails…and your brain is feeling a little bit like mush from a combination of work + headache…of course, a collage of the dog is the best option for number five! I sure do love this little guy!

Happy weekend everyone – I don’t know about you, but I’ll be spending my weekend doing a whole lot of nothing (except watching Outlander, ha-ha) and I’m looking forward to it greatly!



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