Baseball, Baking Gone Wrong & Blooms

The last weekend of August has come and gone – that seems hard to wrap my head around and yet here we are. My weekend was a good combination of activity and leisure, all wrapped up at the end with a spectacular Game of Thrones finale.


On a whim earlier in the week, I ordered a limited edition box of Game of Thrones themed macaroons from Ma-Ka-Rohn; a shop based out of Miami, and they arrived on Friday. The speed of the shipping was impressive and the macaroons arrived in near perfect condition – and they are tasty! The flavors are Mulled Wine, Dornish Wine, Milk of the Poppy and Sansa’s Lemon Cake – each one more tasty that the last! I did save them for my weekend re-watch ahead of the finale…and of course, I had some during the finale too!

I headed out from work a few hours early on Friday, met up with my friend Jennie and her son and then further down the road met up with my parents so we could all go to a game at Nationals Park. Our driver (who I will not name…) took the opposite route the GPS gave him every time and yet somehow we managed to make it to the ballpark with thirty minutes to spare before the game started…

We didn’t stay for the entire game – Jimmy had an early football game and we wanted to avoid the crazy crowded Metro, so we left around 9:00 to begin the trek back to my car and the house… Jimmy had never been on the Metro before; I think he was more impressed than any adult would be with the DC Metro, it was certainly amusing to watch him be awed by it all…and eagerly map our route back to the car…


I slept in on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed sipping my coffee in the quiet and sunshine. I was feeling more ambitious than I usually feel on a Saturday morning and decided to make double chocolate banana bread… I spent almost 30 minutes measuring out all my ingredients, pre-heating the oven and generally just getting things together. I’d mixed together my sugar, butter and bananas…and happily cracked the egg…and watched in horror as smelly, green and thoroughly rotten egg plopped into the middle of my creation – and ruined it.

I hadn’t even thought to check the date on the eggs…and they were a good three weeks expired! There were no more eggs to be found and so I put away the ingredients I hadn’t used, trashed the sad mixture that the egg ruined and got myself another cup of coffee…45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. *sigh*


I met my friend Rachel and her daughter for dinner at Hunter’s Head Tavern; a unique and delicious restaurant about thirty minutes from my house, inside a house that’s been around since the late 1700’s! I’ve never had anything that wasn’t delicious from Hunter’s Head and Saturday was no exception…and I almost always get pulled in by their to die for baked macaroni and cheese…which I got on Saturday night! I also had a yummy Blackberry Mojito and got to sample a bite of Rachel & Sophia’s grasshopper pie.

After good conversation and time spent with a lifelong friend, I headed home to finish up laundry, continue my Game of Thrones re-watching and have MY dessert – some of my macaroons. Of course; Watson thought he needed to sample them too…even if he acted like he wasn’t “that interested”…


I slept in on Sunday as well and realizing that the weather was pretty close to perfect – in the upper 70’s, sunny and breezy – I decided to take Watson to the VA State Arboretum. It’s one of my favorite things to do with him and he loves sniffing every tree, bush, bloom and twig he comes across. I was surprised by how much was still in bloom in late August and I can only think that the milder Summer is somehow to thank for that…


We grabbed some Panera for lunch and I passed the afternoon tidying up the house, reading and getting in some exercise. After a shower and a chat with my little sister, it was time for the Game of Thrones finale – the longest episode the show has ever done – and what a finale it was! I sat in my living room in the darkness, eating my Game of Thrones macaroons (I shared with the dog…) and doing my best to resist the urge to scream at every twist, turn and confirmation of long held theories.

My little sister finally decided to get on the Game of Thrones band wagon and managed to catch up with all seven seasons just in time for the finale… She shared some pretty impressive facial expressions with me during her binge of the show and I couldn’t resist sharing them here…


Another week come and gone – the weekends always seem to pass so quickly! However; once this week is over, there is a four day weekend to look forward to…and September will be here as well! September starts the Fall season and I love the final four months of the year so very much…

So here’s to a (hopefully) speedy work week, a good and long four day weekend and plenty of goodness to come in the next four months!

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