Five on Friday

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Five on Friday

One. Ocean City, Maryland – I’ve never been to Ocean City, Maryland…but that will all change this weekend! I’ll be spending the weekend in Ocean City; although I can’t be too sure how much time I’ll actually spend on the beach! My family are not the biggest beach people…but I hope to at least take a walk or two on the beach and catch a gorgeous beach sunset!


Two. Assateague Island – While I may not be lying on the beach all weekend, one thing I will be doing is visiting Assateague Island National Seashore; where the wild ponies are! The wild ponies have roamed the seashore since the 1600’s and there are approximately 300 of the ponies on the island. It’s believed that the ponies came ashore when a Spanish galleon sank off the shores of the island…

Funnily enough – I might be looking forward to this most; even though I’m allergic to horses! Ha-ha!

Assateague Island

Three. Nationals Baseball – There are only six weeks of the regular season left; I cannot believe how fast this season has sped by! The Nationals sit atop the National League with a fourteen game lead and while some of our best players are on the DL; (Harper, Turner, Werth…) the second and sometimes third string players are performing more than admirably! This weekend is late night Nats; a four game series in San Diego started last night (with a win) and then after an off day on Monday, it’s on to Houston for a three game series before returning home.

I’ll be back at the ballpark on the 25th to watch the Nationals take on the Mets – hoping I get to see the Nationals beat the Mets; it was fun to see that on July 4th, I’d love to see it again!

Four. Watson – A picture of my goofy pup; mostly because the way he chooses to sit on the deck cracks me up…and maybe it will give you a laugh too!

Five. A Game of Thrones Laugh – The seventh season of Game of Thrones has been constant action, plot bombs being dropped at every turn and meetings and reunions that have had me gasping at the screen… I have never played Dungeons & Dragons and apparently the meme below is based on that; regardless, I still find it hilarious! Can’t wait to see this Sunday’s episode…also can’t believe that next week is the season finale!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend – I’m definitely looking forward to my long weekend and I’ll pop back in on Tuesday as opposed to Monday; I want to take in all the wonders of the beach while I’m there!

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