Five on Friday 

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Friday – already? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice (or several times) but time is a strange animal indeed. There is a part of me that feels like I should be asking if it can please be Friday already…and another part that feels like I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

Isn’t it funny – I never feel like mentioning that it’s Monday…already…in any way, shape, form or fashion!

Five on Friday

One. Yummy to My Tummy – Earlier this week, one of the sides for supper were some absolutely divine sweet potato medallions that had been drizzled with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. I said that they were “giving me life”…which is maybe a bit much, but as I sit and type this, I’m remembering how delicious they were…and I’m thinking I was completely accurate!


Delicious, delightful & divine!

Two. Halloween 2017 – If you’re new to my blog…Halloween costumes are a big thing at my office; so much so that I was even asked about dressing up for Halloween in my (second) interview! In 2015 we dressed as the Sanderson Sisters and in 2016 we were members of Star Fleet. We decided this year to dress as characters from Game of Thrones and I immediately pounced on dressing as the one and only Cersei Lannister! My inspiration(s) are below…now it’s time to start putting the pieces together!

Three. Fitness Journey – I’m not 100% sure why I haven’t posted about this…although, if I’m being completely honest with myself, it’s probably because I have only recently began to feel like it’s “working”. Way back in March I decided it was time to really get serious about getting healthier and so I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising 5-6 times a week. So far I’ve lost 17 pounds and the app My Fitness Pal has been a lifesaver. I know that my journey is still far from over, but I’m really proud of how far I’ve come!


My Fitness Pal

Four. Nationals Baseball – It’s been a nice week to be a Nationals fan! Five games played, four wins and a fifteen game lead in the National League East! The Nationals finally have a winning combination with our relief pitchers – Kintzler, Madson and Doolittle – for the win! Ryan Zimmerman also became the all time franchise leader in both home runs and RBI’s for the Nationals this week…so that’s pretty sweet.

And Andrew Stevenson made one of the most amazing catches I’ve ever seen to secure the win for Thursday night’s game – and get us the series win against the Marlins! I do love my Nationals y’all!

The catch that saved the game – way to go Andrew!

Five. Game of Thrones – Oh. My. Goodness. This season of Game of Thrones is absolutely incredible! Raise all your hands if you agree with me! I’ve been a fan of the show ever since getting completely hooked in between season two and three…and I’ve also read the books, so there are so many meetings this season that are payoff from years of watching and waiting! I cannot believe that there are only THREE episodes left for this seventh season; I feel like the season just began and already the end is nigh!

However – given how incredible the first four episodes have been – I’m sure these last three will delight and enthrall! I always look forward to Sunday night during Game of Thrones season!


How much do I love this? I can’t even explain!

So – there’s my Five on Friday for the second week of August! I cannot believe that this month is just rolling right along…but here we are! The weather this weekend is shaping up to be “iffy” but I’ve got dinner plans with a friend tonight, I’m planning to get out in nature on Saturday and I’ve got a baby shower for a sweet friend on Sunday, so I’m sure the weekend will fly by!

Until next time – everyone have a splendid weekend and enjoy yourself!


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  1. That was an amazing catch last night and the NATS are doing awesome! I am also impressed with your health goals and weight loss! Keep it up girl!


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