Stitch Fix – The Tenth

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How much do I love Stitch Fix? I’m on my tenth fix and I can honestly say that out of the ten I’ve received, only one Fix was a complete no. So – with me at least, they’ve got a 90% success rate going.

This Fix though – it contained what might be my favorite Stitch Fix piece to date! So, I’ll get right to it and start things off with that very piece!


Nikki Faux Wrap Maxi Dress by Crescent ($74) – This dress was absolute perfection! The gorgeous (almost) burnt orange shade is a color I don’t have a lot of in my wardrobe and the blue and purple flowers on the dress make for a lovely pattern. The style is unique; the faux wrap style is flattering, the v-neck is pretty without revealing too much and the fit…the fit is like a dream…the length is even perfect! I was in love from the first try on and so of course this dress was a KEEPER!


Itara Printed Wide Leg Pant by Onesone ($38) – These pants were adorable..if maybe a little…louder than I’m used to? I could see so many ways to wear these; dressed up or down and they were wildly comfortable. However, there were also wildly loose around my middle (three cheers for the elliptical!) and crazy long! Sure, I could have belted them and worn wedges, but I just thought it was better to spend my money elsewhere – so these were a RETURN!


Ayana Demi Wedge by Cole Haan ($110) – Well; unfortunately the shoes were the piece where this Fix fell off the wagon, if you will. I love a good sandal but I have more than once pair of black sandals..I even have a pair of black and white sandals already! The most important aspect here though is that I just didn’t like the sandals – the style was not “me” and seemed like it would be pretty uncomfortable. These were a definite RETURN!


Lucy Sheer Yoke Knit Tank by Papermoon ($44) – This tank is a gorgeous color; that’s obviously the first thing I noticed when I saw it peeking out of the box at me! I don’t have a lot of aqua (teal?) in my wardrobe and this tank is not just a pretty color…it’s soft, has beautiful detailing and is a longer length, which I love. Who am I kidding – those are all things I love. Obviously this pretty tank was a KEEPER!


Kesey Knit Romper by Market & Spruce ($64) – Listen; I loved the pattern on this romper. Loved it. Sadly that’s about all I can say for this romper because it had a lot of shortcomings. *sigh* The length was much too short, the material…while soft…was not flattering and the style of the romper was also not flattering. While I’d have loved to keep it just for lounging around, the $68 price point was the nail in the coffin for this piece. It was a definite RETURN!

So I kept two of my five – not necessarily hitting it out of the park, but I’ll say this Fix was a win simply because it included my new favorite dress! I have said over and over again how much I love Stitch Fix and that hasn’t changed – I love coming home to see that box sitting on the counter!

If you think you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try, I’d say – go for it! You simply go to the Stitch Fix website, fill out a style profile and schedule your Fix! The Fix costs $20 and you receive five pieces chosen just for you based on your style profile; the $20 will be applied to whatever you choose to keep from your Fix. If you love every piece and keep it all, not only is the $20 applied to your order, you also get 25% off your total order!

You can use my link ( and get started having fun, fabulous and unique pieces added to your wardrobe!

So – what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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