Five on Friday

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The most glorious day of the week – okay – maybe that’s too much? Honestly I think that’s probably Saturday because you can sleep late and I’ve never been one to say no to sleeping in. Lest I ramble on the glories of sleeping in…onward to Five on Friday!

Five on Friday

One. Watson Wednesday – Whoops; talk about completely failing. I never got around to posting a precious picture of my favorite pup on Wednesday as has become my blog ritual. I was so busy all day on Wednesday…doing my actual job…which is; I suppose, not failing…but by the time I got home, had supper and then whiled away the evening – it complete slipped my mind. So – without further ado, my sweet pup!


Two. This Dress – I’ve raved more than once about Stitch Fix and my abiding love for the service and that love has not abated with this month’s Fix! I’ll detail the entire fix in another post next week but right now I’ve just got to share this dress! The colors aren’t great in the shot I’m sharing (I’ll do better next week) but it’s the best shade of orange with gorgeous purple and teal floral patterning, it’s the perfect length and fits like it was made for me. Plus – great for summer but will transition to fall as well! I’m in love!


Three. Game of Thrones – As always when GoT returns to my television screen, I’m completely sucked into the world of Westeros! I saw this great mug on the HBO Shop and loved how it resembled all the Starbucks “places” mugs…and so I had to grab one! I got 10% for signing up for the HBO Shop email list and now I’m happily sipping my morning coffee from my Winterfell mug….or my Braavos mug; because I also got one of those!


Four. Nationals Baseball – It’s been a good week in Nationals baseball; four games played this week (so far) and the Nationals got the W in three of the four! Whether it was because of Rufus the Rally Pigeon or in honor of Max Scherzer’s is still up for debate but Thursday’s game was an absolute blast. The Nationals bested the Brewers 15-2 and in the third inning they hit four home runs in a row – that’s right – back to back to back to back – blasting the ball out of the park; and becoming the first MLB team to hit four home runs in a row since 2010. I’ll be spending some time at Nationals Park this weekend and while I’d love to see something on that level…I suppose as long as it’s a win, that would work too!

Five. Weekend Agenda – Speaking of ye old Nationals Park…but wait; I’m getting ahead of myself. Not 100% sure what’s on the agenda for my Friday night; I need to strap myself to the elliptical and really commit to a work out..we’ll see how that plays out! Saturday will include my very favorite sleeping in and sipping coffee and then it’s off to Nationals Park for an evening match-up with the Colorado Rockies – fingers crossed the rain will have passed through by the time the game starts at 7:05! Sunday will be church and of course; a new episode of Game of Thrones…with some sort of form of whiling way the afternoon in between the two!

I do love the weekend – and I can’t wait to for it to get underway!

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