Hectic is Putting it Mildly

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The past week and a half have been – as the title suggests – hectic; and that’s perhaps putting a bit mildly. Mind you, life outside the office hasn’t been so terribly stressful but work has been filled with full days, armfuls of folders and well…you get the idea.
Monday was so completely all consuming that once the work day was done, I came home and did my exercise, had dinner, cleaned my bathroom (I lead a life of glamour – no doubt about it) and finally just chilled a little bit before falling into bed. Blogging never even popped into my mind…oops!

Getting a bath makes him SO disgruntled.

Last week was busy and each day when I got home, all I cared to do was get my exercise done, have my dinner and really just read for a bit and do nothing. I think I need to see my way toward getting a laptop computer because after sitting at a desk all day during work, I find that I don’t want to sit behind a desk at home – and my computer at home – is on a desk! I think if I could relax on my couch with an episode of House Hunters or a Nationals game in the background, that would be ideal! 

Any who – enough about me and the ramblings of time and hectic work days and computer choices – and on to other things…

Operation: Pet Surgery 

Watson had his surgery last Friday and came through with flying colors! I’m not sure why I doubted he would but suffice it to say that I was in a bit of a panic for most of the day on Friday. When I dropped the little guy off at the vet and left, he was absolutely not okay with it and fought to get to the door and escape behind me – talk about breaking your heart! Thankfully by about 10:45 the vet’s office had sent me a text message to let me know the surgery was done and he was groggy but recovering well – I was halfway through a forty-five minute workout and was able to finish the back half without feeling like I was going to be sick! 

I picked the little fellow up around 3:00 on Friday afternoon and also got three different medications for him as well! I left the vet with a pet pharmacy in my pocket and a little dog who kept groaning at me all the way home. *sigh* Thankfully I was able to give him some pain medicine once we were home, he finally settled down and by Saturday morning was back to his normal, rambunctious self!

Saturday morning pedicure – yes please!

Saturday morning (later in the morning) my Mom and I made out way to get pedicures and then after a quick bite at Panera Bread and a run through Fresh Market, we were off to our friends’ house in West Virginia to celebrate a third birthday. 

We spent a large chunk of the afternoon celebrating the birthday girl…I followed her through the backyard and watched her spin herself around in the swings, she told me all about their new camper, we jumped on the trampoline and in between all of that and having cake and ice cream, I also got in some snuggles with the smallest family member. 

Talking to Evie…Amelia is wondering why she’s not my focus, ha-ha!
The birthday princess – so sweet.
Sweet Evie isn’t so sure about everything that’s going on…

Given the birthday girl’s curly red hair and petite stature, she reminds everyone of Annie – so on Saturday afternoon, I asked her “Amelia – is it a hard knock life?” She looked at me for a minute and then said “No!” The spoiled rotten little sweetie is 100% correct!

I gave Amelia; who is plane obsessed, a Little People airport – which was a big hit. Not just with the three year old it was intended for…but also with the two older kids, who couldn’t quite keep away from it and had to be reminded again and again that it was not their toy. Who knew when the age range on the box said 3-5 it should have also said in parenthesis (and 9-11 year olds as well…)

The air traffic controller talking with the little plane fanatic about her airport…
We just aren’t sure about those big kids & all the noise they’re making…
All smiles with the birthday girl!

Sunday morning I really pushed myself on the elliptical because the promise of both brunch and supper at Olive Garden let me know I’d have to burn some serious calories in advance if I wanted to eat anything and everything delicious throughout the rest of the day! It paid off well – I joined my Mom for brunch at Regions 117 and every bite was absolutely divine! The croissant french toast with fresh strawberries and cream cheese was to die for and I ate every bite!

Living in the lap of luxury!
Who knew my knee made such a nice pillow?

After whiling away the afternoon on the deck, watching the Nationals beat the Reds 14-4 and shopping for the week’s groceries at Wal-Mart, we went and had that dinner at Olive Garden and while I managed to finish my day well under my calorie goal – I’ve decided that Olive Garden is the place that healthy eating goes to die. Ha-ha!

Once I was home again, I made sure to finally stick my new Nationals magnet to my car and did some reading to pass the time until Game of Thrones seventh season finally premiered. A great end to a lovely; if too quick, weekend!

It’s so true – Watson’s favorite player is Jayson Werth.

And here we are – already into Tuesday afternoon and I’m only able to finally get around to recapping the previous week! Whoosh! I told you – it’s been hectic. Here’s hoping it starts to slow down soon!

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