Five on Friday

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Watson’s Surgery –  I’m off work today (yay!) because my sweet pup is having his surgery today (boo!). I’m lucky enough to work at a wonderful office and my boss was kind enough to let me take the day off to tend to my sweet pup and whatever he may need once his surgery is done. Ironically, my dog is having his surgery today, my co-worker’s dog is having surgery next week…and my other co-worker’s dog is having surgery in three weeks! All of the pet operations!
My sweet boy…

Watson’s surgery should be pretty straight forward and easy. He’s having a small growth removed from his mouth (you can see it in the above picture) and they’ll also clean his teeth while he’s under anesthesia. A couple days of eating his food with some chicken broth to soften it and he’ll be feeling like a new pup with a brand new smile!

Lorac Beauty & the Beast Lip Gloss – I know…I mentioned these glosses a few weeks ago, but I have fallen in love with them! The color palette is varied and beautiful, the gloss goes on smooth and does not get sticky and moisturizes my lips really well too! This gloss certainly wasn’t made for extended wear, but I love having one (or two) in my purse to swipe on for a bit of color, shine and moisture!
Nationals Baseball – It’s been All-Star Week and the Nationals had five players representing down in Miami this week during the officially unofficial halfway point of the season! Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman all took their curly W’s down to the beach to show off their skills and play some baseball at Marlin’s Park! Sadly, the National League team was bested by the American League team 2-1 in the tenth inning…but Max started the game for the National League and was pretty flawless and there was something pretty special about the entire right side of the field being Curly W’s!  
The second half of the season starts up tonight and that means that Nationals will in Cincinnati for the weekend taking on the Reds, before visiting the Los Angeles Angels and the Arizona Diamondbacks. A long road trip before they return to DC – here’s hoping for some wins!
Disney 2018 – This week marked 180 days until our trip to Disney World and so that means it was time to make dining reservations! There are so many good places to eat at Disney World but the only place I could think about was…Be Our Guest! I was on pins and needles waiting for the reservation to be made; Be Our Guest is one of the most popular restaurants at Disney and books up extremely quickly! Happily, we got our spot booked and so early next year, I’ll finally get to dine at the Beast’s castle! #DreamComeTrue
You better believe I’ll be trying the Grey Stuff!
So – the title here is misleading because this week I’ve only got four point, not five! It’s been a wild week at work and today was pretty intense with all the worry about the pup… I should probably learn to chill out a little bit, ha-ha! Anywho, I’m off to enjoy my weekend and…well…chill out a little bit!

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